To Worry or Celebrate?

I work in an Office set-up and among stories my lady college tells me is that her sister a 3rd year at JKUAT has unusually large amount of cash to spend but can’t explain the source. I suggest she maybe prostitute but seems she doesn’t look the part. Girl does monthly shopping for mother; helps relatives set up business by giving them cash; takes nieces shopping; goes to Europe every few months. The mother takes in goodies and doesn’t mind asking source. Apart from prostitution what brings so much money to these girls? Should her mother be scared? Two iPhones. But she’s hoot!

Drug trafficker, most likely boyfriend is an Oga.

Don’t think he’s oga. The last country she went to was Romania. And sister suspects boyfriend is white. If she’s a drug trafficker then her naivety can’t be overstated. The family should be very afraid.

ION hundreds men are complaining that their hoot tinder date hasn’t showed up after kutuma fare. Another wife somewhere is complaining that the husband is no longer providing and the kids are now suffering.

Nakumatt, You need it we’ve Got it.

She is hawking the damn panadols.

Romania=East Europe=Drugs

Ogopa hizo countries.


Romania ndio coaches wa kina Oga. Tafakari hayo. Ambia wao huyu mtoto watamtembelea jela miaka mingi sana.

Stop acting surprised. Y’all know she’s into something illegal but you don’t want to believe that the innocent ‘baby girl’ is a hardened crook. Pesa ya bure ni tamu sana. Might be drugs, prostitution, sugar daddy or whatever but I’m sure it’s something if her mom came to find out, it would drive her blood sugar through the roof.

If she’s as hot as you claim then that rules out a mzungu sponyo. Those pale skinned fuckers prefer very skinny, dark, not-particularly pretty girls like Akothee. Which leaves the drug trafficking as the only other possible source of fast cash. Anyway, kama ni ukweli anasaidia watu nyumbani, wao pia wasimsahau wakati atakuwa mashakani.

hii story iko almost similar kama ya ule monica kimani…so you know the possible endings

Mwalimu, hujaona amesema “…my lady college…” badala ya “colleague”. Anyway my question to @Jkogosh is, where is the father in the whole equation?

Wakalishe msichana chini wamwambie a invest io pesa. Kuna siku inakuja shimo haitakuwa na grip. Kuna simu shimo haitakua na lubrication. Aekeze pesa kwa maisha ya uzeeni.

she is moving product for the sinaloa cartel…[ATTACH=full]257228[/ATTACH]

Atshangaa sana! These will be the first people to abandon her and gossip vile alikuwa anaringa na pesa! This story has an all too familiar Bad ending. You remember that KQ airhostess who used to throw lavish parties mwenye alikuwa Langata , huyu dem anaelekea huko. Wacha ajinice sahii

well,if that is not the case i would say she does porn,romania has large platform when it comes to porn,and as a black chick,pale kuna kakitu

Camgirl. Anafurahisha Wazungu hapo Pornhub wanamtumia kakitu.

Ama yeye ni Sandra wa Kahawa. I saw this thread on Twitter yesterday.



Fake!!! Ukiwa confronted na ukweli kama hii, most hoes just block you.