To Vote or not to vote

I have noted with great concern, as individuals from different areas and political inclinations, vow not to vote in the coming election. Voter apathy is an all time high since most no longer believe in the power of the ballot, 2017 may be the election that will have a low turnout since the advent of multi party politics in Kenya.

I will vote.
Why not vote then six months later you come here and complain about the leaders we have?

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Because voting is like farting and expecting it not to smell. Different winners, same outcome.


The general perceptions is that the representative(most) sought self enrichment instead of service to the voters. Its a scenario of where if you do you are damned and if you don’t you are still damned.

Mbona hawatakangi diaspora votes?

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Diaspora will vote this time round


This time round mko ndani ya mix.

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Hio ni poa.

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Let me be damned for exercising my constitutional right, not coz of trashing it.

Sasa mtu ameenda shule akiandika they won’t vote ni ujinga tu. No need of debating some issues.

Actually its their right. there is no compulsion in voting.

IEBC imesema only embassies with more than 3,000 registered kenyans will be used as polling stations.

This I agree, wasee ambao hawa vote hawafai ku complain kuhusu failed government

I wouldn’t be too quick to judge, kuna areas ESP. coast mimi huelewa how comes wako hivyo. Yaani from Kenyatta senior, to Moi, to Kibaki then Kenyatta junior sahii ndio some places wameanza kuona titles za land and mark you all that time wamekuwa na the government of the day except now. Vitu kama dispensaries and schools ni kama hekaya. Huyo msee atatambua serikali ni nini?


Actually, you people who vote are the ones who should take the blame for failed governments.


If you can tell me one single positive outcome of your voting.

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[li]Voting is not an act of charity, or a noble act. It’s merely a selfish expression of opinion. It does not help anyone, apart from making you feel good about yourself and deluding yourself that you have a say in how the government is run[/li][li]Anyone who pays taxes and contributes to the economy has the right to voice their opinion on how the country/county is governed[/li][li]Voter turnout is not proportional to the quality of leadership. Some regions have very high voter turnout, yet their leaders are among the worst[/li][/ol]


The reason I sometimes don’t vote is that the quality of leaders on the ballot paper is not up to standard


Ukichukua kura tulikuwa na wewe? Hayo tu

this time round I won’t vote for every seat, just the ones that naona kuna mtu mpoa the rest I tear or void

I’d rather you make a bad decision than none at all, I’d rather you vote against someone by voting for his opponent than just sitting and whining.

No need of voting, we have had elections from independence only to empower the same class of leaders.
Tukutane kwa revolution led by you n me