To those working from home

Please continue doing so. You are doing those of us who have to move around (and mother earth) a great favour:
Apart from helping fight the pandemic, you are making our lives better:
-No traffic, especially on Mombasa road.

  • Nairobi air feels much fresher.
    -Its much quieter in town and even in industrial area.
    -Very few corrupt and hungry cops on our roads.
    -The city is much cleaner. No garbage being thrown around.
  • Less commotion and congestion, especially in town as the idlers have left for shags just before the city was quarantined.
    Kaeni nyumbani na wale walienda ushago like @uwesmake musiwai rudi hapa city.
    Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

Nawewe Usituletee corona kwa kijiji ukizururura tao

It would be the best way to live were it not for all other inconveniences caused, reduced income, businesses collapsing, kids not in school etc.

Preaching water and drinking Corona? Moving around kwani wewe ni watchman wa ktalk? Stay at home.