To the wannabe white people who don't understand the outrage over George Floyd's murder watch this to understand Y black, white, brown people protest


This is so horrible Jojina. He nailed it. I cannot listen to any other findio…

So disturbing…so so so disgusting…so inhuman. There are many angry folk out there…and quite rightly so. ‘Atee he must have done something to deserve what befell him!!!’

There’s a whole culture of victim blaming. It’s like it’s a crime to be victimized. Why you? What did you do to bring it on yourself. Like the rape scenario. Racism and sexism is mind blowingly similar. That’s why I know that racism and sexism and all forms of bigotry are well thought out , expertly executed strategies to maintain the social hierarchy that people never think of, they just take it personal but it really isn’t about the victimized individual it’s about an entire system. The have and the have nots. The bourgeoisie minority opulent and the majority poor. Democracy vs aristocracy. After Obama. Trump. It’s like we gain ground then we lose ground. In Kenya we seem to just be losing ground perennially. Our glimmer of hope was in 2002 and in 1963 but that was dashed as quickly as it came.

Its a defense mechanism. Let her be.