To the MGTOW losers this how you wanna end up?

Have you ever regretted retiring early?

retired at age 58 after working 35 years. Work was always the most important thing in my life and I often worked 12 hour days and weekends as a senior financial analyst at McLaren. I decided to retire when I got the Flu in March 2020 and still had to work 12 hour days that week due to the monthly close. I was miserable. I thought “This job is not worth my health.” I then retired in July 2020. This past year has been the best year of my life, even with the Covid restrictions. It has been peaceful and quiet. I have had time to read, watch my favorite shows, get together with friends for lunch (while wearing masks) and play with my 7 cats. I am able to spend more time with my 84 year old mother, and I am also re-learning spanish. That being said, I have nightmares almost every night and feel guilty for retiring early. In some of my dreams, McLaren has called me back to work because they really need me. In the dreams, I think “Oh, I am so happy to be needed. I will work forever.” Then I wake up and realize they didn’t need me after all. I feel a little empty and sad upon wakening. When I retired, I never realized I would suffer from guilt and lack of purpose. However, I am still happy to not be dealing with the work stress. I think Over Achievers and Type A personalities may have the hardest time in retirement. I am trying to just appreciate the simple things. I go for walks several times a week at the park and feed the birds. It fills me with a sense of calm and joy. Update: Thank you so much for the kind comments, wonderful advice and insights. Reading the comments makes me realize that I am not alone and that there are many kind, wise, wonderful people on this forum. This helps more than you know. One of my 7 cats (Sangria) was just diagnosed today with early stage Diabetes. We will put her on insulin and special food, but I am still a little worried. Reading your kind comments helps. Thank you for putting positive thoughts out there for Sangria. Namaste.

Instead of cats I’d rather be a step dad to my beautiful woman kids

Fanya summary borante, leo ni weekend tuko juu ya tingz.

Today on simp stories

how does a muslim and a waria fail to marry? I guess everyone around you is seeing you as a loser Sasa at 44 you are still salivating for a singo matha yet there are many childless women in Eastleigh. Are you that useless mr @Bingwa Scrotum ? I have never seen a very useless muslim or somali like you

we support Bingwa Scrotum A- in '94

Define useless… what would u use me for if I were married

Wariahe, tomba mbuzi porepore bila kusumbua sisi na maandiko ya kishenzi.

Difference ya hio na kuwa na orphanage ni nini? If you aren’t minding the kids’ presence because you want to be with the mother.

Na wewe katombwe mkush bole bole na chali yako @Thirimaii bula kusumbua

Wacha kwanza aponye blisters za yesternight,atajileta tu

White people chieth problems

Humbwer ghaseer mimi natomba auntie yako mwenye ulikua unadanganya wanakijiji Ati aliuza Fortuner akanunua x5.

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one of my dogs has obesity , what shall i do?

A man in a patriarchal society fails to marry and can marry upto 4 wives.

Methinks he just needs to come out of closet before Prid-e month ends.

:D:D:D:D:D…tofautisha incel na MGTOW Gods like us , hii ghaseer was a " corporate success" but a life failure.

Enda osha vyombo mhuni

:D:D:D:D:D… madam ,masaa imefika ya kukamua mzee bone marrow.

A- in 94 you have a point!

Respect A- 94…you lower critins