to our cord brothers

wahenga walisema…dua la kuku halimpati mwewe…no amount of prayers,words,propaganda,innuendos or politics will get raila into state house in 2017 and mostly if you are pegging your hopes on dividing jubilee coalition into two…you can go round the world but uhuru and ruto will be together till uhuru says tosha,

and by the way,we are planning on how to increase the presidential term from two to 3

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Hapa ndio mtajua ni nini kilichomtoa kanga manyoya! Hii nayo haiwes make, ata punda huchoka!

This message is actually meant for the URP arm of the Government.

Transilation-“Uhuru owns Ruto’s Ass”.


…Word ma niccur

Wazi wazi wankayole

noooooooo.the message is for cord…wacha tuone mtafanya nini after 2017…we are ready to send babu into a political oblivion…cord will scatter into small sub-groups…rosemary odinga will lead one group,mbadi will take the bigger one,dalmas will take women …cord itabaki hadathi za hekaya

endele kujindanganya…
raila might not enter the house on the hill but uhuru chances are getting slimmer for a second term.
writings on the wall


We kalenjins (wale wamechanuka) can now see the light…okuyo is not a person u can trust

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When you mean we, wewe na nani?

you have a choice of moving BACK to your former master…raila,and remain as under dogs

So you think for all the Kales wale wamechanuka?

The 36 bloggers have finally reached ktalk


Naivasha naona inakufanya mjinga zaidi

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Nawezaje pata citizenship ya Ethiopia? Nimechoka na ufala wa hii kenya… Matusi hivi hivi

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You don’t need to increase them to 3, just add a zero at the end like you normally do using IFMIS to 20 terms


THANKS …it took you long to realize it…

Opposing sides used all form of dirtiest tricks, lies, innuendos, they were certain of an landslide/automatic win but that did not happen. People wailed, others upto today do not want to believe Uhuruto are holding the top most post in Kenya.
Compare that time to current…
Why on earth do you think you’ve played your cards well this time??
(Osungu pack are welcome)

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To our Jubilee brothers

no amount of prayers,words,propaganda,innuendos or politics will get the economy back to where it was during Kibaki’s era.


To our cord brothers

no amount of prayers,words,propaganda,innuendos or politics will roll back the economic gains and infrastructure we have gotten in Uhurus era…

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