TO ktalk mods

I never follow crowds, most of the time you 'll get me going against the grain but I agree with you, most villagers exhibit herd mentality.

now that money have started to flow we are of no use to this mods?old monkey have moved to a bigger house,jamaa wa turedio is refusing to go to job interviews,but a word of caution to them NOTHING LASTS FOREVER


@ mundu mulosi,kuna jama amekuita ati mtu wa turedio na mahojiano.

I can see this village has been divided into two

I think that was meant for @Electronics4u.

yep. :smiley:

as much as i agree with your sentiments, i dont envy mods in regards to maintaining order in this slum. if they dont do it now, they wont be able to do it in months/years to come…picture a thread with 100000 replies and all you get is gay, mother***er…i fked your mother…i fckded ur grandma…its simply nauseating especially if you are a first comer.


wanaume kama mabinti

it hurts me for an elder of uwesmake calibre to be banned hivi hivi tu

in klost we used to demand for uwesmake reinstatement and our demands were met,what is so special about this slum?

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and so they suspended his other account -_-