To hell with regional balance

A lot of Os in this team mpaka kwa management hata the author of the article :smiley:


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kwani hio huawei p9 lazima iwache stamp yake hapo!

the line up and coaches might as well speak luo


What is your problem. Do you have a sister who can play football:(:(?

shiny eyes nikamoja na nashuku ni ndamu ya hao ma Os sio from pure blood…

This people excel at things that involve muscles…Even their heads have muscle for brain.


Shiny eyes wako pale Reké Marie wakingoja form ya usiku ya pishori.

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hehehe, hiyo squad jo! watabebewa fis wakienda abroad, omena ndiyo rahisi kupanda nayo ndege

As long as they bring results they can have anyone they want however they wont see anyone ranting ati team athletics kenya imejaa keter na kina chep thats coz they were born to be athletes and worked hard at it too .


No cause for alarm!

Niaje Stunya???

:D:D:D:D:D:D Meaning?

Omena will stink up the whole plane.

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Haha…Apondi Stunya…I don’t know much about this but najua ni jina la uchokozi tulitumia for those kalongolongo playmates(girls) way back.

Check hata byline: Celestine Olilo

KWA HIO PICHA LAZIMA UNGEWEKA @123tokambio akicheka after winning 20 bob ?

Jana 10 bob yangu ilienda na muhindi jo, sasa sijui leo itakuwaje…:D:D

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I don’t see people here complaining about athletics or rugby team selections.

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stunya means a midget.

Actually he is not complaining, its a humble brag. I like how Kales and kiuks have been winning medals for this country since independence.

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