To Hasla and Egathi: A quick and harmless solution to RAO uchochezi

Hasla could issue a red alert against RAO so that he cools off in India. If he wants to address Bunge la wanainchi, there are enough Sidis and other African immigrant groups he could organize. Other Indian minorities also need a strong voice
The red alert worked with Maguna. It could work with RAO too. Eben Jaluos need a break from his dominance



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umafwi thread

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The red alert an effective tool for silencing noisemakers such as RAO.
This man RAO had multiple chances to connect with wanainchi during the campaigns. He had millions in state largesse to dish out. Instead, only he knows where the funds went and now surfaces with meager donations of 20 k to help peasants with what?
He should embrace his legal role as Leader of Opposition in Parliament, rather than agitate an increasingly frustrated populace that will latch at any straw in these dire economic times

But hasla alisema he needs a strong opposition. Now you want Baba to keep quiet as kenyans suffer under udaku? Si you are the same people who spent 5yrs insulting uhuru and even went to insult his mother hapo kwa gate yake gatundu. And now you want every to keep quiet?

How can you equate BABA to Miguna Miguna …???

Tutangoa SGR yote …:D:D