To Go Abroad to Canada or Not

My neighbor is a die-hard lover of Kenya. His persona entails a family man, in love with the wife and close to the children and parents and relations. A senior manager in a financial institution grossing 350K pm but job not steady. Lives in an average upper middle class estate and drives an SUV.
Further , future prospects especially with Kashakwa n JSKS govt seem bleek, as every coin is squeezed proper and the job front cannot be relied upon but he is very marketable should a job loss occur where he is.
The guy has been offered an opportunity to go abroad alone and start hustling there. Through skilled visa, option is to stay for 6 months hustling before securing a job and offcourse, it wont be a senior position…it will be a juniour position and will have to live two years away from family before he can secure their invite.
Akae KEnya a husstle ama aende majuu… Nini mzuri majuu?

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A senior manager in a financial institution is grossing $350,000 per month, but the job is not steady.

This appears far-fetched to me. Anyway, he can choose to stay and invest wisely, or he can leave the country, take the risk, and maybe live a good life in Canada. I’d prefer the latter. Reason being that Ruto and his team will mess with the country’s economy. Tutafinywa kweli kweli

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Agreed. Uchumi round hii lazima iwarambe begining with hustlers on the way up. Bottom up ndio plan. So kabla mfikiwe hameni.

Only corrupt owners of capital or seasoned crooks will thrive in this regime so the answer is obvious


Why not, the biggest motivator should be the future of his kids…we have millions of jobless youths and things will only get worse.