To get rich you have to steal some

[SIZE=6]Forgery costs media mogul SK Macharia Sh6bn land battle against Uhuru’s cousin[/SIZE]
Owner of the Royal Media Services Mr S.K. Macharia. Photo/FILE NATION MEDIA GROUP

By BRIAN WASUNA, [email protected]

Posted Wednesday, August 10 2016 at 21:00
The NLC tribunal declared the 1997 sale of the land to Kenya-Re null and void, saying the 4.7 acre parcel that was part of the transaction property was Karura Forest land.
[li]Mr Macharia had in a 2004 suit against the Attorney-General claimed that Mr Muigai and Mr Karanja were shareholders of Sceneries, but were unable to contribute capital that would have enabled them to earn their equal stake in the firm, forcing the media mogul and Mr Kibe to strike them out.[/li][/ul]
Media tycoon SK Macharia has lost a multi-billion shilling land battle against President Uhuru Kenyatta’s cousin, Ngengi Muigai, after the National Land Commission (NLC) found that forged documents were used in a land transaction that took place 20 years ago.

Mr Macharia, former Land PS JG Kibe and businessman Solomon Wilson Karanja used forged documents to illegally amalgamate a 94.8 acre piece of land with another measuring 4.7 acres before selling the property to Kenya Reinsurance Corporation (Kenya-Re) for Sh550 million in 1997, according to an August 4, 2016 ruling by the NLC tribunal.

The three were Mr Muigai’s business partners and were at the time of the transaction co-owners and directors of Sceneries Limited — the company that bought the 94.8 acres from the estate of former President Jomo Kenyatta in 1988 for Sh500,000.

The NLC tribunal declared the 1997 sale of the land to Kenya-Re null and void, saying the 4.7 acre parcel that was part of the transaction property was Karura Forest land.

Investigations by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) found that Mr Macharia, Mr Kibe and Mr Karanja, who sold the land to Kenya-Re to the exclusion of Mr Muigai, had forged title documents to show that the two parcels had been amalgamated.

The DCI investigators had in July 2015 written to the NLC and Mr Muigai’s lawyers confirming that the title deed used in the sale to Kenya Re was forged, terming it a “Kirinyaga/River Road title, which was pure fraudulent”.

Consequently, the NLC tribunal in its ruling ordered that the fake title be nullified, and the 94.8 acres that the trio co-owned with Mr Muigai be reinstated to Sceneries, subdivided and Mr Muigai given his portion.

enough is never enough

Sasa cord imeisha, Uhunye anamanisha nn…u have to dance to his tune

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Hope criminal charges will follow.

What the fuck is this reporter saying? How has SK lost the 6b? And what really costs 6b, the 4.7 acres or the 94.8 acres?

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Uhunye has taught me how to play good politics. identify the opponents source of funding ( from dealers of drugs, corrupt deals,cheap imitations etc), use legal means to frustrate the sponsors and by the time elections come calling, many have backed out, busy in and out of court. At the end they want to dance to your tune,but you cannot go to bed with sponsors -only politicians. You end up beating them in their own game. The only thing left for your opponent is to take a sabbatical exit, elect for him a monument. He will be remembered as the politician who was good in checking government’s spending, and a topic in class 4 GHC will be introduced, to corrupt the young . This already done, there will be no need to compromised, you already won!


ni hayo tu

So if they sold the land already…what the hell is this, the story is convoluted.

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You cant be so sure my friend, what if the game changes before the 2017, the opponent decides not to vie and instead endorses one of your partners.

Let the court do its business, lakini si SK ni mjeuri, he is always on the receiving end of every government.

Kenya-Re can claim to be refunded the 550 Million plus interest from 1997 until it is paid in full hapo ndi kuna muomboko!

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sjaelewa hii story walai:rolleyes::rolleyes: