To freestyle

Trying here to re-coup our music sessions…

Hey let us celebrate our coolio…

My ManDem Stormzy…I lurve you Stormzy…always play your music in the morn.

I am Dejaying tonight…so here we go…more in the morn. Hope you will be able to discern that it is me. MFW. The village trails have changed totally. My Kush introduced me to BH.
We can never get enuff of his Township manenoz kule Seuth seuth…dj MUJAVA…YOOOOOOOO
…Our Boy better know aka Tynchy Strider.

Some more Chris Martin;list=RDaK3TROzVRiE

Today has been an incredible night as I got some unexpected visitors as I was on my way to bed. So we have been listening to some music…one dude told me play us the BeeGees. I knew it would not go down well within myself as they are so special but opened a can of worms by playing this one…@purple…add this one to your list. Immortality…amazing.

There can never be a Djeeying sesh without my Wiz…btw FS I am now saving all the music I play or receive as I lost it all as MFW…

Lady in Red…cheek to cheek this beauty by my side…by Chris De Burgh;list=RDiFcuN2zI3u0

This song is a specho ndedikechon to my Clush. Trades by the name @incognitus. He knows why…his fat wallet…deemn!!

Wiz oh wiz

As I listen to very deep songs by Wiz Khalifa…let me introduce Nate Dog/Warren G meanwhile:)Lord help me not to go deeper here as Dr Dre/relas is something else…


Wow ,
how did i miss out on this.
The lack of all thread tab was very fncked , am still having problems with the site , taking me too long to adjust

y do i always love this song sooo immensely

many likes for this

Chris Martin is an amazing artist and a decent, grounded, wealthy human bieng. His only vice is falling in love with Hollywood empty headed bimbos trading as actresses. If I youtube the song, I don’t get the high I get if I watch this Manchester performance.

His vocal range is the bomb and boy he can play most instruments prancing like a maniac. He swept the floor on that sad day and for free.

Love him to death! Arianna had to learn all the songs performed on the day in all of 2 weeks whilst still thinking about Al Kebab. Kudos to her too as she is only 23 years old. God bless her young soul.

just listened to his song, I AM BLINDED BY YOUR GRACE, best song i have heard in a long time

Stormzy is amazing./