To all the people who've blocked me on Kenyatalk, TAKE THE POLE!

Given how prolific I am on this site, si mnaumia kushinda mkifinya “show ignored content” :D:D:D
I forgot, since you’ve blocked me, you can’t see this thread. I didn’t think this one through. Heneway, if by some magic you can still read this, take the pole!

Why are u insecure :smiley:

I have not blocked this one but I am sure I must have blocked several among the 7 you said you own. But what bothers you so much about your status here is what should be your main concern.

Funga cyber uende home.

Since the thread is about ignored personalities, lemme show ignored fool today.[ATTACH=full]313088[/ATTACH]

Predictable comment, kumanina

Who is this? I’m seeing ignored member only.

Our dude going by one of his handles ‘Captain Obvious’. Please unblock this one…he is hilarious/creative/bigging himself up as usual on this one. He admitted to owning about 7…this cesspit is a hell hole.

Your content ikikua complied into a book hauwezi sell a single copy. Meffi wewe

Mzae mbona siku hizi hutumiangi ile handle @FieldMarshal CouchP ?