To all the Parents on KTalk

so wewe kuwa na kichwa kubwa ni ukweli sio hekaya ya kijii


How long had you been missing? A few mins, 1 hour, 2 hrs? Your cucu cant recall?

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All my Heads are BIG!!! (IF you know whara-mean!) kikikiiiii…

I don`t know how long but it was long enough to warrant a Full scale Neighborhood search by All the Neighbors!..

Kwanza where the kid goes further, from the open window. Jesu Mwathani!

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Saved by the head! Hehehe


tell that to the village shemales lest you be branded gay kikikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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Your neck must be long. I imagine it must have stretched for over an hour.

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Baby-proofing your home

My neck is not long and i am a very Bulky kind of a person 117 Kg. plus but now that i think about it;…
I always Wake up with Nightmares of Green and yellow Flies crawling in my face and of maggots oozing from my mouth!..
(…its All coming Together Now!..)

hehehehe, kumbe ulikuwa head boy


That is messed up…enyewe watoto ni wa mungu.

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Once happened to me live live. The baby was crawling out of the window though, not walking. I never pace chairs next to the window, EVER. I think I described the experience here…



Mko na maneno

Pole …

tulishapoa! sande though

I have re-encoded the video. Jaribu hii:

Wengine hapa. I wonder where the teachers were.