To all the homophobes on Ktalk

On this gay issue, I only see vitriol and ad hominem drivel, not reason or thoughtful analysis. Only a poverty of philosophy and a philosophy of poverty. Even the civil society has cowered and gone into hiding before the vituperative mob. Rise up and defend human rights. Don’t let fascism scare you.

Nimewachia hapo kwa thoughtful ANALysis …:D:D…usenge doesn’t qualify you as a philosopher…

The adjectives vitriol, ad hominen and to top it all, fascism perfectly describes a certain group of people. You wanna know who they are, certainly not homophobes. Aya dinywa mkundu pole pole usitusumbue.

Those adjectives accurately describe the woke mob on the left

Pride Month imeanza moto with Simiyu addressing the village. I rate this post 5 Hard Dildos


Sawa tumeskia

You are muddying up issues here …

The issues are: …

  • Can a Man suddenly declare that he is Female or can a Woman decide that She is Male … ???

  • What is the social , constitutional and family impact of such declarations , decisions and endeavors …??

  • How are Children, Minors Rights and well-being safegurded from such initiatives …??
    ( Eg: if a Male minor decides they want to be Female …?? )
    What would be the long term impact on society of such initiatives…???

This Western imported and imposed nonsense is a time bomb designed to destroy African Societies …
And some of you in here are ready to copy-paste this backwardness without a second thought …

Shenzi Kabisa …!!


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@Simiyu22 usijaribu kurudi Bungoma anytime soon,ango @uwesmake and the anti-ushoga squad wamekuwekea wanted!

M7 amesema hatarusha mashoga na sympathizers wote wa masenge … suguta valley, rustler niwatumie kaa human targets for all he cares. Amesema ati io sambuli ya watu ni watu wengine bure bloody fuckin’ burukenge kabisa … yaani hawana maana yeyote.

It is important we understand the meaning of labels being thrown around in here …

Can anyone in here define exactly what is meant by the term “Woke” in the contexts that it is applied to regularly in here …:D:D

SIMIYU wants to be on the good books of his “progressive” HR

I have never heard a sound and logical defense for homophobia
The rise of a few gay men and women will not cause our society to collapse. There are enough heteros.
Why should all people abide by your religious beleifs?
It may be unnatural. But it’s done voluntarily by consenting adults and does not affect you and other non-participants. So why do you care?

You are the one muddying up issues
The OP has specifically mentioned homophobia (anti-gayism) NOT transphobia (anti-trans)

Ktalk and real Africa (not those woke countries like South Africa where 99% of the national assets are white owned) we will never even entertain a discussion of two males full of Testosterone puting dicks in each other, its unnatural , unGodly UNEVERYTHING .take it back to your white homosexual Lords muongeee pamoja . look for another forum.


I am IMMUNE to the rants and attacks of homophobes and those with little, or zero, education and understanding of human sexuality. I will forever defend the rights of gays and lesbians in popular speech and in my scholarship. So, don’t waste your breath thinking I will quit, or change my belief that all human beings, no matter who, or how, they love deserve to be treated with dignity and without discrimination. If you are so upset with me, please go jump into a lake!

Si nmekuambia tu saa izi ya kwamba those adjectives perfectly describe your kind. Lemme run it down for you.


ad hominem


@Okiya alilipwa na wazungu alete huu ujinga kwa kijiji , siku hizi ni Pariah anajiongelesha tu akitembea after sweeps.

Because youre all up our business demanding for recognition as if we give a fuck about your shit. You cannot even recognize yourself dilly-dallying between genders yet you want us to recognize you?

This is very funny.

Is that why you’re trying to recruit children in your evil agenda?

What you are is immune to is LOGIC …

You enjoy a constitutional and democratic right to continue to wallow in the miasma of your convoluted beliefs …

The reality is that an alien imported concept cannot be imposed on a unwilling society…

Why should you go telling everyone that you are a Jehovah’s Witness?
Why is it coming to a situation where America is giving conditions, sanctioning other countries, because of anus probers?