To all the fisis here...

Poleni. Had a “board meeting” ndio nilihepa kiasi. I doubt that post was by guka. I think its by my arch-enemy from this village masquerading as guka.

And for the record, guka is a marathoner, although the pace is… well, what you expect for a guka. A bet on below 1 is safe.

Yes, I am. Dual citizenship just in case someone executes his threat.

I posted my bare matitis yesterday at 18:13 for 3 mins. Mlisahau kufuata @mabenda4 rules (amendment Jul 2016), otherwise mngekua na mbisha.

That mbisha isn’t me. Ni MSiM.

Ilinipita hio varied. Umungich utaniua.

59th second? Hio ni kuchafuliwa tu.

You had better not attend the AGM.

I remember you saying very clearly that was you being handed a title to a property you had bought.
Am beginning to think you rank somewhere close to Kabuda in the number of lies you feed us.

she just means that the offer is not guaranteed…by the time you get there utaambiwa “hiyo ilikuwa kusema tu lakini…”…:D:D:D:D:D:D

Am referring to the mbisha of the naked mbish.

There’s no where in my 1st comment I referred to ‘the naked mbish’.
Her hands aren’t visible.

In the words of @aviator, that is not a ‘varied’ explanation.



Wewe ni shemale

Pimples kwa chest ndio unaita matiti?


Already ushabook? Mapema aje?

I could answer you if only I knew what you are asking.

Nauliza kama umekula dinner.

Therefore? Ndigithia ngoma.

Múndú ainagia gatirú gake.