To all the fisis here...

This deal may excite you. The newly opened Tune Hotel in Westlands is offering a 5-star room for only 995 bob per night. Offer varied till end of August.

Meanwhile, @FieldMarshal CouchP wacha upuss on the other side. Real men dont ferk and tell. Secondly, I have more meat than that bish. Finally, I am yellow-yellow, not like that MSiM.

weka evidence inbox …

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai, what are you talking about @aviator? Who posted this, where? Or my account has been hacked?

PS: I am only a member of this forum.

Mimi nilikua huko! It’s an amazing deal…booked my Friday room!!

He.he…the drama between ktalkers sometimes amazes me. Since i presume everyone is incognito i could be possible people have slept together without knowing who they were here.

@aviator, can we sample the rooms this Friday?,Najua mose ako around!!

The real question is did guka achieve the Ktalk threshold of 3 shots on target?

I am betting under 2.5. @123tokambio na @MANKI mnaekelea wapi?


Odds no goal

Heri kucheza safe. Naweka 0.5 fulltime:D:D:D

@aviator are you a member of that ghost town? I have tried accessing this posting nikaambiwa I have to be a member

Sema tu unataka kuona haga ya huyo dame :rolleyes:

Aviator zile matiti flat uliweka hapa ndio unajigamba nazo?

@aviator, you really think I can use ‘i’ instead of ‘I’. That’s STD 1 grammar…

You lie.
Those hands and neck don’t belong to a yellow yellow.
Kubali tu yaishe wewe ni darkskin.

Haiya! @introvert, abia karathing’a afuge kireba yake haraka akibishe ire rori yake hapa bio-bio!

Game itakuwa postponed to next season due to a “very light downpour” on the 59th second… Not bet.

Hapa @aviator ameng’oa raif raif…


hehe kamzae ni kambenye :D:D that’s what you get for starting a discussion without mzee mzima

hehe kubali makosa imefanyika… That’s exactly the way you write. You elongate some words vile umefanya ‘psssssst’ alafu kutype like a kiuk