To all mods---you do not moderate Karl Marx.

Been online right from 2000. I know a hell lot better than all of you *********. I am a genius. I am a revolutionary. I am no peasant like some of you. Right after this, i am sacking some of my workers before i get out of this so called country. I am One Dangerous Man. Yet when i try to hammer some sense into your skulls, you start deleting my threads.
One forum cannot be reduced to an exclusive kikuyu affair. Why do not you delete guka’s toxic tribal threads??
Go to UON and you’ll get a copy of my PHD thesis yet you kids brag here especially that @Purple girl simply because you’re mods. I’ve never given a damn about anything but some of you like this nefatiti whatever can like posts denigrating me.
Let’s meet on August for a pure general election. Yes, i also dryfried a kikuyu lady married to her fellow kikuyu because of revenge purposes. I am feeling good. I feel a hero. I feel a conqueror. At least i conquered from that tribe. And, no, dryfry. I wish she can get pregnant. Nothing as sweet as seeing a kikuyu woman carrying my kid.

[ATTACH=full]156066[/ATTACH] sounding like you trying to hard man and the handle name is selling it like you just got woke


You’re making kikuyu s look, act and feel exotic. There is nothing special with a Kikuyu lady carrying your child, she is just a woman, just like any other woman on the street. No revenge! Keep consoling yourself.

Tell us, how was heaven?

That mod is a nice girl btw. She inadvertently revealed her identity in a certain outburst she had with another talker during her transition to Mod. I realized I know her and actually she is a nice girl with a good job. She’s just trying her hand at being a keyboard warrior wielding a Mod tag. Forgive her.

I have forgiven her but also forgiveness has bounds. Let her also apologize to me. @Purple, no grudge against you but you know me right from Mashada. I am a warrior of social justice. I always fight the good fight but my years are also diminishing without seeing the real change that i was fighting @Uon which made me get kicked out for three damn good years.I understand that the final solution thread was in bad taste although you need to advise your fellow kikuyus to stop thinking everyone else is a fool. Nice stay @ the US and i hope we will get to know each other better.

Boss, the KarlMax we knew wa UON ain’t you.
Humbwer ghasier

Stop talking big. What are you doing with ur lyf now? Au ni kutisha watu 'Mashada?

PhD in indanet :D:p

Karl Max relax bana. :DYou’re a ‘social justice warrior’ we get that but there are limits. Sometimes when you feel overcome by emotions just log off kidogo then come back online when you feel sober…
Btw how’s fraglante she was my gal and you had kufiad her sana…y’all keep in touch? ;):slight_smile:

:eek:We know each other?? Hmmm! Do you also know @kah tony haha. :D:DI’m just kidding. Nitawacha uchokozi…:stuck_out_tongue:

@Purple, nikifanya makosa utanipiga mstali? :D:D:D:D I am exceptional isn’t it?

Btw nilimpata MFW

:D.Hii ni kali.

:D:D:D:D:D sikuwa nimeiona :smiley:

Too bad hii retired and decided to be serious with life
filthy frank is the best thing to happen on the net


Because I suspected Nyamgondho is a mod naona ni wewe @Purple unanichezea akili

A hoe is a hoe whether kikuyu luhya luo kamba etc its not rocket science people still fuckin em even now as in you just fucked a hoe

Endelea vivyo hivyo usikubali kutishwa na mtu