To all ktalk ladies: No more cheating by your men.

To all Ktalk ladies:
I guess most of you have boyfriends or husbands or toys or whatever. All of them are cheating on you, anyway. As a concerned CORD patriot, I’ve started a firm for tracking down cheating men.
For only 10k every hour(plus VAT), I’ll be monitoring your men and updating you accordingly. We in CORD want stable families once we kick out Jubilee Mafioso next year. My firm also has a witchcraft wing(led by our very own doctor Luther ) and for only 100k plus VAT, we can tame your man so that he will be carrying your photo hung around his neck and shouting your name every two minutes. Dr Luther(BSC Witchcraft Technology, MSC, Advanced Black Magic) has some really powerful concoctions.
If you feel you need to revenge against your man, I will personally be available for a sexual escapade with you and you will only pay me 25k + VAT per orgasm or 60k plus VAT per night. If I make you pregnant and, consequently, pass on my super genes to your kid, you’ll only pay me a one time fee of 650k plus VAT.
For those with mean men, we have a kidnapping and ransom department headed by none other than our street-wise Wakanyama. We can stage your kidnapping so that we can extort him proper. Our charges here are only 49.9% of the ransom paid.
For those whose men are about to pay dowry, we also have a dowry management department headed by none other than Gashwin. What happens is that we will be gatecrashing the dowry ceremonies and force the man to part with the maximum amount possible. We then will be taking only 40% of the dowry paid.

Karl Marx
Stable Families International.

Remedy ya hangover - Lots of fluids.

Lala na uwache kutusumbua meffi!

is this supposed to be funny??[ATTACH=full]48492[/ATTACH]

threshold not met. 60k=2 orgasm’s

what did i just read? it would be funny if it did not also indicate someone is in urgent need of psychiatric diagnosis and care…

Humor isn’t your thing otherwise ungeinbox purr and make her weekend.

Our men are very faithful…hii sharas Peleka kwingine

Brare funda demote this talker.

There are 3 Karl Marxs that I know.
1)The intelligent guy
2) The drunk whoring guy
3) The funny guy (this one)

you have a twisted sense of humor.

Yani hamuoni hii ikiwa funny? Lakini @karl marx hio department ya uchawi ungepatia @jumabekavu [SIZE=1]although pia Luther anakuanga na maujanja mob labda pia hio anawes[/SIZE]

What a dry sense of humor

His obsession with cheats kwa relationships is quite telling. Huyo manzi hakumfanya poa manze. Sth snapped!

As dry as a Mbomb joke.

Ktalkmbomb si ule waklist.

Agreed, the Klist one used to be the Mbomb. Very good wisecracks.

How about you do some Ujamaa economic system jokes, Senor Karl Marx.

Herein lie the truth. Nothing but the truth…

Im not sure if its the joke I find funny or its the prices


mimi nataka hio VAT 69 umemention all over the thread