To all freshas in campo

Hey you, yes you, the fresha reading this. The dryspell itakugonga utatiii. You are sorrounded by the most beautiful women you will ever see but your broke, your probably skinny too alafu kuna sponsors like @under23 na watu wa gym kama mimi the competition is stiff.

My advice nunua bale ya sweatpants sell that to fellow students pata pesa nunua protein shake na creatine tafuta gym ya mtaa join membership by the time uko 2nd year, Pussy will be coming to you like moths to a light bulb. Achana nao, focus na dooh by the time uko third year utakua na a good place na most probably utakua 80kg+ sasa hapo anza kukula ma fresha.

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Total BS. In a female-infested environment like campo, you would have to be very ugly and boring not to score any pussy even with lame ass lines. You don’t even need money as a fresha to fk classmates. If you need money or a gym in campus to get laid, you definitely didn’t win the genetic lottery and you will have a very tough dating life ahead.

My piece of advice to a fresha is to graduate with honors, network more, and use a condom always. Beyond that, enjoy life and I wouldn’t expect much more from a fresha.

Campus watu wanamangana kama rabbits. Doesn’t matter how ugly or broke you are. Campus women are not as cynical as we make them out to be. I know cause I am at USIU often and I see the shenangians that go on when they are in session. Granted the students at USIU are largely not broke. But K.U. is the same. Wanalimana kulimana

Ile campo nilisomea the female/male ratio was fucked up, it was tough, take it from a guy who din’t struggle to get laid in highschool only the top guys got laid. But kama uko KU jibambe

This is a lame excuse of not getting laid. Contrary to popular belief, young campus girls don’t expect their agemates to be multi-millionaires…but they still fk them because they relate to them better. Also, there are other places of meeting campus girls and you don’t have to be in the same uni. Go to any club that is popular with students every Friday and you are good to go. I used to import UoN girls to KU Nyayo hostels as a fresha and broke as hell. I had two girls from JKUAT of all places and back then girls weren’t that many over there. People think girls are irrational but they aren’t. A first/second year student wont be expecting much from you ie her agemate.
Women only place terms and conditions on men they aren’t attracted to like sponsors etc.

uko campo gani kwanza anyway

This is just nonsense. In campus people get laid regardless of your financial situation. You just put in some effort to come up with some stories and the next thing she is dropping her pants for you.

Mafresha nikiwa campo sikua na pesa vile but I used to eat the beautiful ones only
Huko unakula mtoto wa wenyewe hata saa Saba mchana na hakuna kitu mzazi wake atakufanyia.

Usiwai lipia pussy just have confidence in yourself
Na utakua unazikula bure

The reason why KU graduates dont leave kahawa after graduation is so that they can keep having an unfettered access to clueless campus girls. Campus is the only place where a woman will let u hit it without asking for anything in return - maybe a little attention.

If you are not consistently getting it in campus, then they has to be something seriously wrong with u.

That being said, madem wa campus siku izi wamechanuka sana thanks to instagram, tinder and the likes. They now know that their age mates are the lowest cadre of men and that they can turn in a bigger profit by hanging out in the right places.

But if u are a guy in campus, my advice would be just keep your head down and improve yourself. Your time will surely come.

All you needed was to be in a room with a computer!

Habari ya JKUAT Juja Alumni…

And a woofer is an added advantage.

Nonsense !

Na subwoofer ya Ampex :smiley:

Na movie mbili especially comedies

Huwa caretaker wa Kawangware ame graduate kuwa sponsor lini…??

Forest Moneky, the more you continue opening your stinking mouth on this forum the more it becomes obvious that you have a serious deficit that you’re trying to cover up with gym bs story. Probably must be uglier than the devil’s asshole.