TNA Mandarins Tell Eugene Wamalwa To F**k Off

But speaking to journalists on Monday, four Nairobi MPs, led by their parliamentary group chairman and Kasarani MP John Njoroge, said they would not allow intruders to determine the direction of city politics.

Mr Njoroge said a Jubilee candidate would be subjected to a competitive nomination process and they will not agree to boardroom nominations.

“As leaders we cannot have outsiders telling us who to elect as governor as we have other aspirants who will all go through the nomination process and whoever the people will choose we will give them our support,” said Mr Njoroge.

Ni kama vindeo. Ni kama ndrama.

I thought a CS is not allowed to participate in politics. Nkaisserry and Wamalwa are going round campaigning you’d think they are MPs

It just shows where their loyalties lie. Nkaisserry anagombana na ole ndengu over petty issues.

The endorsement of Wamalwa was only meant to lure Luhya voters. Akina Waititu and company were only playing politics and foolish Wamalwa fell for it

eugene ako sawa chokosh

tuseme tuu ukweli mungich, kama eugene atawekwa vs Margaret wanjiru kwa nominations,wewe kama mungich wa shufirii ungepigia nani kura to contest on a shufirii ticket?

Eugene ata akipewa backing na kina waititu haezi penya nominations…hii kitu ni ya sonko mpende msipende

Eugene or the media people took the joke too far.
In other news, our news anchors seem to have stopped the infotainment shenanigans, no more catwalks. . .progress.

Siku hizi mzee haoni News siku hizi?

hapo hata hakuna kufikiria ni eugene pap


Anaona tu :smiley:

Hii Kitu ni ya miguna