Titus my homosexual brother

Hello guys

What would you do if you realise your bro is a homosexual sleeping with rich white men to finance his lifestyle.

I want to tell the whole family so they can intervene.

He dates but i know it is to hide the fact that hes gay. I can see through the fake mask.

have you talked to your brother man to man bila judgment or religiosity?.. hizi ambushes na familia, coupled with judgment and shame contribute to suicide. kuna case pale nakuru of the same. so tread carefully and do not push him to the wall




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You have a point

hehe but sounds like Tauren stories

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You need to have a serious conversation and ask the hard hitting questions

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Is Tight-ass his name or you were just playing around with names in your head and landed on that one?


Its his real name. Ironic isnt it


Fungeni leso , so my jirani, has 2 boys one is a thug , he was shot we burried the jamaa last year , the sad part of this story is that the other son is Gay as afuck , actually during the funeral his mzungu boyfriend alikuja and its like this jamaa is the she in that fucked shit. where is the future of that woman , mzee passed on kitambo . and she is elderly sasa grand kids atawaonea viusasa.pray that this shit never befall your family.


Unajidox na family yako mbwa hii

Wacha auze mkundu yake mpate pesa mtoke kwa shida

You faggot

@tauren is that you?

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Na hii famiy yenu iko na shida mob aje…si ni wewe ulieka uzi juzi kusema vile broh yako amekuseti kwa mûrûkû ati unaendanga brothels yet he is fuckin hippos huko UK…sasa muko na mwengine anaitwa TIGHT-ASS.:joy:


Kill him. Bye.

I know of a jaruo guy who was doing the same but sadly yake the parents were aware and hata walipokea mahari ya boy kutoka Kwa mzungu. Huyo boy alikua anakaa apartments flani Nakuru , hapo milimani karibu na Nakuru kmtc. Jamaa alipata ukedi akakufa last year

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