Tis the Season.....

We are in that season here in Kenya where we lose fellow Kenyans to floods and landslides, see properties and farms destroyed, people end up being displaced and we watch as precious water goes to waste, then soon after the rainy season is over, everything goes back to normal where we start rebuilding, farming and crying there is no water for drinking, producing electricity and some regions people start dying again due to hunger.
some of the measures that should be taken include:-

  1. Moving people away from Flood plains/basins and ensuring no one settles in those areas again. (unfortunately, people will say they have no areas to move to, politics will also come into play…)
  2. Moving people away from mountains and hilly areas with red soil which are prone to landslides and also ensuring no one settles in those areas again. (same reasons as above apply)
  3. Planting trees to ease erosion and also to attract rainfall (unfortunately, rain comes from the clouds and not trees)
  4. constructing dams to collect water which will be used for farming, drinking, producing electricity… (areas will be identified, money allocated then stollen and project collapses)
  5. we could also construct large surface or sub-surface concrete tanks to hold the excess water especially in flat or relatively flat and sparsely populated areas like the northern parts of Kenya, ukambani region…
  6. Have proper warning mechanisms from the Metrological departments to the people (not everyone has access to TVs or radios…)

We all know that most of these measures and other more innovative and cost-effective ways have always been on the table but politics, theft, and our Kenyan/African mentality will always be our undoing.
Also, We CANNOT fight Mother Nature, We have to play by its rules.

Umeshaa wahi ona vile wa kambodia na wakale hupenda bizz ya makaa?

Hawawezi hii mambo ya kuwacha miti zi thrive. They will turn it out into a bitterly contested political issue -always.

How many trees have YOU planted?

kuna vitu tulikuwa tunaita Gabions. What happened to them.

I have planted NONE.
I believe I can’t change the world by myself, I need people to believe in me or back me up. unfortunately, that will never happen especially in this times and that is why most of the people who currently try to change the world for the best are not only brought down by the deep states or cabals but by the very same people they are trying to help.
so one can only hope that by speaking out that you will get same-minded people who will not only join your course but also add ideas and correct/improve yours and eventually better the world.

I’ve only seen them being used by some contractors at bridges or some steep hills. I guess that when the person who has the idea is out of the picture, the whole idea collapses.
the same thing that happened with the late Michuki and the Matatu industry and many other ideas from others.

If you are doing nothing, don’t expect us to do anything either

people will move if adequately compensated and provided alternative land. The problem is that nobody will do that

MCA wanakula hio pesa mbaya sana.