tired of babuon maandamano 2018

just the other day he promised that the beginning of 2018 will be witnessed by the mother of all street protest sasa huyu mzee ameacha tena plan ya kuwa sworn inn???

Go read a book. Learn the history of Kenya. You’ll have more to talk about when talking Kenyan politics other than waking up and wondering if Raira had a bowel movement.

Babuon anajaribu kunukisha kitunguu nusu and he believes there are many ways of doing it. Let him be.
The person to pity is Kalonzo…he’s clearly lost and has no idea what he needs (Not wants)!


Ng’ombe hii take your time minding your own business. While you’re here lamenting, the old geezer is “advancing” his political career

At 73 in 2018 and still on street riots? can’t he develop someone else to take over from him?

Thread kama hizi mtu huingia na helmet na full riot gear:D:D:D. Sweeps galore

the old geezer is in his sunset years,he needs to take each day at a time and when angel of death comes calling atuache in peace,ama niaje my tiny friend?

Do you think you will be talking Raila for your entire life? Your son asks you for
money to invest and all you will remember had you done something else other than commitment to Railatics you would have provided!

That angel of death might come knocking at your door step sooner than you wish for him. Respect your elders that have been blessed to see those years and the sanctity of life.

Better yet, can’t he come up with a different strategy. If mass action worked in 1992 but failed to move Uhuruto in 2017, what makes him think it will work in 2018?

it will be okay ,you can’t cheat death,even for you soon and very soon you are going to put down grannies bathing tools in order for to go and rest with your forefathers

The sooner you ignore the tard the sooner he’ll disappear.