Tips on surviving poor economy and bad leadership

  1. Enhance your food production ; incoming finance CS bwana oscar will definitely print 10k notes . A loaf of bread I predict by end of 5 years will cost 500/= as konyangi once thought.
    Producing your own food will be wisest thing.
    2, staying quiet , don’t open your mouth anyhowly you will be castrated . remember moi era and stay wise . Inshort pambana na Hali yako bila kelele.

Mundu wakwa wivu kwa vonza kitui rural…uima va kwani na nowo kukaukite…kana wiithya nguku na mbui

Aiyeee no tuimaa mbemba na ndakithye ikasyaa

If you couldn’t afford pencils for them wakati wa Uhuru, now naona ukitoa watoto shule waanze kuuza na wewe mahindi choma Kwa barabara,

Nyayo house torture chambers will reopen soon but the good thing is that this shithole platform will be closed. JSKS no joke.

Hapa kuna kizungumkuti kidogo. Unajua wakati wa Moi the only platform people could use to reach others was the TV, radio and newspapers. But saa hii ii age ya net serikali itamanage kuquell any online resistance?

It’s not yet over but ata mimi nimepatwa na baridi. God help your people! I would like to see the deep state be defeated but I do have serious concerns about Ruto and his cabal. I think kenya will never be the same again if he is confirmed President. In other words, “it’s going to get real!” The end is near guys .

Utafanya elders waanze kujiharia

Wacha niwaingize baridi tena kiasi. @sani kuja ambia hawa watu venye kunaenda

@Azor Ahai na @PHARMACY watakufa na depression and loneliness

In the State lies your saviour

From the subsidised fertiliser & pesticide distribution

To the famine mitigation efforts with imported BIRD FOOD

And do not anger the Overlords

For the peasant children have seen drones dispersing the clouds, preceding MONTHS & MONTHS OF DROUGHT

There are snitches like whore @Weyn who can share some important attachments which can aid jambazi sleuths capture radicals like the pharmacist