If you lost your fon and you must have one, and you are somewhat cash strapped to afford the fancied Galaxies, here’s a quick solution for you!
U7 Pro!
[ATTACH=full]24854[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]24855[/ATTACH]
This fon is surprisingly excellent! You might judge it harshly for it’s looks but ngoja uishike mkononi! And the price is equally surprisingly low! Avechi are giving it away at 8499/- only!


Downside ni moto! Battery is very small and it takes forever to fully charge!

Na hii hapa?



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About 16000/- if delivered to you by @Kentex Cargo!

Kwani ni lazima uwe na smartphone, nunua kambambe

Hivi ndivyo samsung huanguka, all the hardware manufacturers who rely on android as their software wataumia, this price undercutting sio sustainable. The same hapened to p.c manufacturers who depended on microsoft e.g the p.c divisions of dell, compaq, hp, ibm.

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