Tinga hataki kiti

I have always thought so. Tinga is just securing his retirement and the future of his generations.

Mambo ya 2022 hana haja nayo. He knows well he has lost the luhya and kamba votes ongeza voter empathy in coast.

He doesnt give a ferk who becomes president in 2022. By then he will have looted ya kutosha. Akina Orengo and company can hang a transformer.

“Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga has said members who are purporting that he will seek the presidency in the 2022 elections are doing so as individuals.”



The drama continues.

How are we supposed to believe anything that comes out of that two faced, perennial loser piece of shit’s mouth?

He’s done politically…

I can bet my left kidney, huyo Mzee will be on the ballot in 2022. I won’t be shocked if he gives it a stab for the umpteenth time in 2027 and even 2032. Losing elections is his main hobby

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck…

This time round i believe him.

Hes finished completely politically.

I know he hates WSR but he will overcome that by 2022

ODM had a good number of MPs in western region but this time round wan share equal support na jubilee

Angalia pia the larger Matoke cownties huko pia walionyeshwa kivumbi size yake

Pastrolists walisha abandon ship

I forgot to mention ODM iko jubilee…gameshot

2022 is far yea but i dont think Tinga can afford the hustle,humiliation and financial torture of another election.

Saa hii ni ku loot tuu

Tinga will waterdown the presidency…then surprise us in 2021 by supporting Ruto


Bookmarked. Take care of dem kidneys

Why is everybody trying to support Ruto who apparently already has more than enough support:confused:!

Dude needs all the support he can get…next four years are going to be very interesting,expect more intrigues…nothing is permanent in kenyan politics

We all thought he would not be in the ballot last time, what makes you think he is serious this time around.

Idiotic Kenyans.

What you need to be more concerned about are thud upcoming census.




the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

The handshake confused the entire political system in Kenya. Every politician is lost except the dynasties and WSR.

So by nature, the moths are all trooping to the light read arap buroti.

Raila isn’t interested anymore in running for presidency, he wants a seat like that of atwoli- prime minister. If you want to know his political stand, don’t listen to him observe his foot soldiers. They want a constitution amendement that will have pm post and reduce president’s power. A constitution that can allow them sneak into power without having been voted in by the people they lie they represent.