Tinga exposed badly

In one of the portraits Tinga decries Jubilee’s program of giving youth and women loans on account that it will burden them. Now, he has changed and calls for more loans to be given them. I think the hustle narrative has created a sense of panic. They fought it hard from the onset meaning they are playing catch up. To stop it they need to work quite hard. NB: The bottom-up economics will be hard to implement due to structural challenges and vested interest. More loans leading to more taxes. Either way we are fucked[ATTACH=full]375350[/ATTACH]

Raila’s game plan ni tukuwe maskini kabisa ndio watutawale milele. Atakufa aache Kenya ikiwa tu.

He has them on the run

baba na hatakua 2050 anajaribu kuambia youths nini.

Uzee ushabisha hope ako na za retirement.

Huko no far ata vision 2030 akiiona atakua vegetative. Wamashati akitoka mamalaka mpee 10 more years atalewa akufe

Jakuon is clearly very disturbed by the whole hustler movement. He wonders why he never thought of it Hiyo ni shida yake sasa for he chose to dine with one arm of Jubilee. Angevumilia tuu akiwa kwa opposition. Greed is not a good thing yo.


What did my “show ignored content” say juu sioni

Correct. Seems he wanted to have his cake and eat it too


He found a perfect match in Uhuru! huyu ndiye mjinga kupindukia. He divided the Jubilee party due to greed.

huyu mtu simpigii kura tena

I think the goal was to finish odingaism once and for all. Anyway, how have you been doing? Si ucheze na pounds

Umepotea sana. I been good. Very good actually. Basi leta hizo digits…
‘am homing in Dec’ so usipotee sana. Ile promise you made…

Expect uhuru to reach out for ruto, he will start drawing him closer to make people see he is part of the govt. All of a sudden you will see ruto get back his role, uhuru can see now that he is about to lose big time. He will start playing reverse psychology like ‘mimi hata wakinitukana sina ubaya na wao’. But none is a good leader, they are both corrupt



Ndio hizo. Meanwhile si utume kakiru

Upuss si mlikuwa mnamuita Lord of poverty, but ruto akikuja na hustler movement mnamuona genius… Baba laid down his arms because war without an endpoint is useless