Well, I have been reading talkers stories about getting laid from tinder. Reading tinder experience from talkers one can conclude that Kenyan tinder seems to be made up of hoes. (Don’t chastise me, I haven’t explored yet.)
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Well today I tried my luck here and it seems that “thirst is real here”.
Unfortunately, we don’t have big booties sizes here for conformed fisis like you. Yes you![ATTACH=full]199150[/ATTACH]

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What’s your location ?

hii tinder nayo kwani haizeeki? hiyo time yooote kunguru waliswipe mpaka vidole zinableed na screen zimeraruka bado hawajachoka?

5 matches
I think since I got back Don’t @ me and kama nasemanga game ya hii place iko down…


Northern Italy.

I guess a year almost… And as I said previously I ain active much… Like since my bday been hitting the bitches from the streets…like no app… Just club hopping and getting bitches out to get lucky

Mmefanya nimeinstall app…


Wacha nione yupi ataingia bokx

kunamwingine tume match jana talked a bit then today she told me she havent had breakfast, but she is hungry told her to go eat akaniambia hana doe nimbuyie breako

Ungemwambia pesa ya bundles anunue nayo mandazi

Well izza mblo… Just got another super like

unmatch mbio

Kuna tranny waswafi nimepata hapa. Mbaya mbaya ntanyandua


mbona ANadai not into boys

Mboys hamuna pesa shida pekee

Bro nipasie through pass. Trans never came to mind acha nijaribu


@Tom Bayeye kuja uona village conman anavunja closet

Huyu Stellah anakaa catfish

Deorro jaribu ukule tranny siku moja