Tinder Swindler :Ladies billionaires don't go on Tinder

They use exclusive dating services that have entry barriers and do background checks. Most men on the free dating apps are swindlers and man whore looking for a quickie. Buyer beware. Here is the poor woman who got conned I believe over 150k Euro or pounds, it’s 25M Kenya money.

If you want to be a happy woman, don’t mix money with relationships. Don’t have joint accounts and properties with men. Have your own things. Don’t give him money to buy you land or property or cars. Buy it yourself. When you are dating someone do not let them know what you own. If you are a home owner say you are renting, say your car is on loan, don’t tell them about the plots you own bcz alot of men nowadays are just looking for women to use not just sexually but financially. If possible even lie about how much you make and if you are going say to Dubai for a short holiday, take your family members and don’t even tell him. The point is for him to not see you as a woman with some free money he can get. Tell him your money is occupied to the last penny and you have so many loans you can not take any more. You are educating 20 orphans. Yaani hakuna pesa umebakisha ya kumpea, you are so strapped you can’t take loans for him. Never pay for anything in his presence coz you will set a bad precedent of paying for dates, paying for a, b, c, d later on he’ll expect you to pay for everything.

Even my male friends who help me do stuff, I don’t give them money. If they help maybe I buy them lunch and that’s all but giving them loans or bailing them out of financial crunches, NO. That is how to deal with men bcz naturally men are selfish so if you are too giving they become untitled and unfortunately you attract scheisters. Don’t fall for the billionaire ruse, men borrow cars from their friends and even houses to impress women. Soon as a guy starts asking you for money especially a guy you are dating, cut him off. It’s a bad harbinger of worse things to come. Remember that you are a woman you need money more than men. A man can survive on the streets and you can’t. You need alot of money so it’s a travesty for you to be giving men who have an eighth of the needs you have as a woman money. This is like you asking your siblings in school to lend you their pocket money when you are an adult. It’s you to give them money. But you know men are so obnoxious that a working man can even ask a jobless woman to borrow money to give him. They are funny creatures. You have to put your foot down.

I am not telling you this because I have never been conned. I’ve helped people men and women and I’ve lost money to pyramids. You lose until you learn. I just don’t want you lady learning the hard way, like I did. Don’t be so fast to take money to new investment schemes. Always be very reluctant when it comes to handing over money to anyone. And I am telling you this as someone who has a very generous spirit and it’s a great thing to have a good heart but help people who really need it like some people on Tuko and Lynn Ngugi. Not scheisters who do not want to work and see women and their giving nature as soft landings. A man must work. That’s is why they are built like oxes because they are supposed to work and work hard not live off gullible women.

What I do when I help men and I help only men who are orphans and street kids. Is help them get a job, get training, get a way to make their own money after that I cut them loose to hustle for their own money. I don’t give them money. If you are on the streets I will facilitate you to get an ID, some business like a trolley or mkokoteni Lakini giving you cash to go buy glue issa no. Any other man aneza jitegemea. So kusaidia ni poa sana but the people who really need it and in the right way. Sio mwanaume unadate. You can not be a man’s girlfriend and mother at the same time pick a struggle. I don’t care if you are a billionaire, an heiress, a debutante. Mwanaume ni kujitegemea.



birrionaires na superstars tunatumianga RAYA app .

birrionea wana cloningi sex slaves na stem cells

I watched part of that show. I have little mercy for those women. They were attracted to the high-life. They got what they got. How does one get tuned by a man using the lines I am the son of a billionaire. Anyway the guy didn’t seem to have much money. His spending seriously challenged his gains from crime.

What is wrong with being attracted to the high life. If you have the option of dating Ngina and some girl from the slum who would you date. There’s nothing wrong with wanting the best in life. The only thing is not to want it at any cost. You have to maintain your dignity and common sense as well. Wealthy men are more pleasant than poor men. They do not have to worry about getting broke if they buy you something nice. Dating a broke man is very frustrating that’s why women avoid it. They are ever stressed. Ever moody. No happy go lucky free spirit. Money worries 24’7. It’s depressing. Kwanzaa if you are with someone like me who if I want something I just get it, it’s going to be a struggle. Romance is for people with money. If you don’t have money just pause coz you will just be stressed out about money all the time.

That’s why I say they got what they got. And I forgot you are part of gold diggers crew ( at least you mentioned that once).

That story is a lie. Most single women are always in debt and never have such money or access to such credit.

Those women live in Europe. They probably have good credit because chances are they were dating rich men. Notice that they have peculiar look: Thin face, blond hair…those are rich men targets. Now with good credit you, huko you can borrow alot. That AmericanExpress card has a unlimited credit line. Thats why the Israeli goon specifically asked for one.