Tinder statistics

This is a chart using Tinder’s statistics…
So the obvious part of this chart is that men get alottttt less matches than women.

Let’s take a closer look at the “Pass” stat on the women’s part of the chart.

They are swiping left 95% of time. That means only 5% of men are even getting right swipes at all.

So the 90/10 rule is actually (statistically) the 95/5 rule. 95% of women are going after the top 5% of men (at least on dating apps)

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And that is why Only fans is making a killing.

A guy who gets pussy wouldn’t bother with dating apps, leaving the majority of guys in Tinder to be losers aka simps. Hao top 5% men which girls (mostly single mothers) are swiping for are probably catfishes or swindlers kama akina Matara.