Tinder kunguru

Was bored decided to check tinder n came across this kunguru.
Acha tuskie bei yake

It is sad to see a 22 year old girl wasting herself.

Matiti inalazimishwa kusimama…

Planned parenthood is vital to bring forth quality offspring. Most people become parents simply because they were horny and fcked like rabbits wakapata watoto who were not planned for. These kids are the ones selling wares on tinder and tagged coz the parents are not in a position to provide anything apart from basic education.
One would rather die childless than have children who turn out to be prostitute ish (for the girls) and thug ish (for the boys) as a result of parents who have no wealth/opportunities to pass on to their offspring.
Sasa ona huyu mrembo at 22 she is selling puthy. Ukichunguza wazazi wake are not financially stable. Enyewe Azor Ahai is right. Broke people should not reproduce. Cohabit for regular s#x maybe. Not reproduction.

Don’t feel sorry, inaweza kuwa tu ni scammer anatake advantage

Very sad

Hata hivyo …hii crow Ina strike a pose aje… leaves alot to be questioned

hii kitu si 22yrs. labda 32 n above

siwezi mind kukata pajama nimpee avaange kama ngotha

Baluyha mijinga unaangalia nini hapa.Unachungulia kaburi,anything to do with you gals shouldn’t be on your list of thoughts

Kama it’s ksh. 3000 and below tupa number.

Thirimaii wacha violence, respect elders

Wacha k.u.ma iuzwe. Kuna siku mtu ataona bibi yake hapa :smiley:

Mujamaa what are you doing here and you don’t like them women?

Ukimalizia yeye rushia mimi niendeleze

Chapa vitu kwani iko nini?

That’s a body of a 27-32 yrs

In my hoeing days I’d go pick up usiu chics for sleepover… Then nalipa 2k ya bidii…

Following weekend she would tag along with 2 more of her friends…

At times I’d get lots of offers… That id sambaza them to a few of my pals…

These ladies I’d later drop them places kama Runda… Rosslyn… Tigoni…

Ideally these 20year olds hawapewi pesa na wazazi… So they improvise…

Kwa hivyo wewe ni male prostitute?

Tamu sana,she is about 24.Nilimpata amonth ago nikanyandua vitu…