Tinder hoes

So i joined Tinder yesterday. I have right swiped so many girls. The prices appear to be from 1k to 10k… Then most of tje women want us to pekejeng in their residences… I am so shocked that they actually meant it and have met 2 of them but rule number 1 is never to eat her in her place… So i did not do it…

Interesting how they have embraced tech to sell pssy…

There seem to be some gays also there… Mambo ya nyeni si yangu…

Then what would make kumaste cost 10k? Ama iko na Turbo?


Kwani ulisearch men ndo ukajua kuna gaýs?.
[SIZE=1]Cc amina[/SIZE]

Angefanya tu kama wewe sio? :D:D


Mkia uliambiwa ni ngapi?

Some men were also trying to kun8weka kwa box!

Hata singweza hizo stori

Wacha story mingi na catwalk. How did you come across the guys? Unless you put men in your settings bana

Says a person who was exposed for being fagoot .mzee amina you have no right judging here…am pretty sure uko tinder ukkuiza matako

Sasa unalia juu wewe unauza matako Ktalk?

Hebu nyonga monkey na hii pic ya waiter:D:D

Wacha tuite @patco anyonge na hii


Nilijua utatag mtu wa pili…ever seen me calling for backup?..look at this coward:meffi:

I never set up anything…

Unakuaga stingy na donor funds, no wonder you can’t control your weight, unataka kula pekeyako na @patco kamekupanulia

Guys pitieni hii thread and see how ktalk is full of gayß

Hahaha nakuhurumia @Thiem, unatembea na ka-link kila mahali begging people to click :D:D

It’s time to blog this two faggots.

This will not stop me…hii reverse psychology peleka pale kwa waiter ukimdara matako
Ktalker exposed for being a fagot