Tinder girl dilemma

Wadau niko na shida. I have a tinder girl that i really like and i can’t get her off my mind. We connected really well on the app but I never bothered to get serious. She’s the only girl I’ve ever connected with that well and in such a short period of time. But mimi na ujinga yangu unmatched her because i was too scared i had nothing to offer. I know it was stupid but i know some of you guys know the feeling you get when you finally get what you’ve been praying for for a long time, you become a little scared that you’ll actually get it.

So i deleted my other account and created a new one, found her again but before i could like aka malaysia. She probably saw my profile and decided to delete hers too. She’s the kind of girl you wouldn’t think to find on tinder, she seemed mild-mannered and modest, she doesn’t show skin kama hawa wengine, na pia she doesn’t draw attention to herself with the pics she’s put up and the way she talks. Alafu hana maringo kama wale kunguru wanakuwekea paragraphs za what they want in a man. The only relationships nimekuwa nazo ni casual stuff involving casual sex, but zimeanza kunichosha once i decided to talk to this girl. I know it might end in tears and frustration but i don’t want to go looking for her on tinder looking like a simp who’s disrespecting himself. On the other hand, i want someting serious with this girl and i don’t know how to approach this without looking desperate.

Umefall in love na dem haujaona? Beta chieth simp. Huyo ni uwesmakende anaku cat fish

Ni friday siku pombe inaambianga watu vitu mingi na kujazia watu feelings. Fanya hivi rudi monday usome hii post time uko sober juu elders council walishasema madem wote wako na wenye wanafikiria kuingia tinder, tagged, badoo ni kunguru. Enda hata uk utajua tinder is called a one night stand haven…

Humbwa Koko ya manispaa, gasheer funda maraya new vee chieth

Eih…in my experience (read past residence in simpshit valley)…ukijipata unasifu Dem sana, jua there’s somewhere ur messing up…she the one to sing ur praises

Kama huna kitu ya maana ya kusema nyamaza ghaseer.

Namsifu ju i know the connection is real and that by unmatching her i hurt her. Nimemtafuta tinder nikamkosa bana.

Nimemuona, used that video call feature to confirm.

Enda umtafute SJ sasa, ngitey

Akiendelea hivyo naona mtu akipumua pumzi moto kwa kisogo yake

Huyo ni @kanguthu anakucatfish akuchunishe spinach

Isn’t there anyone here mwenye ako na good experience na tinder. There’s no hope for online dating is what you’re saying? Nimechoka na pump and dump.

How do you video call and not get the number after?

Hapo utatafuta for a while. You were her connection, you ghosted her…tafakari.

Keep searching though-badoo, okcupid, sister ya tinder ya waislamu, ikifika enda pia brothel (TAGGED).

All the best soldier

Admin tunajua handwriting yako

Yeah i realized i hurt her ju before she malaysiad, nilikuwa off for one month, she had also deleted her account, changed the name but kept the pics, so i was able to see her with my old account then akapotea.

admin unasemaje

Mkuu umevuta na side ya moto?



kama ako Tinder ni MALAYA…End of discussion