Tina Kagia...queen of unfair baby mamas


Last week, comedian Nathan Kimani, better known as JB Masanduku, made a passionate plea to his ex-wife Tina Kaggia to let him see their kids.

Masanduku extended an olive branch to his former bedfellow, asking the former Classic FM preseenter to have a sit down with him and sort issues out.

“Tina, first and foremost I hope you are well and you’re doing fine. I would besiege that we have a sit-down and we talk about how I would probably see the kids.

“It will not interfere with someone you or I am seeing but I think it is integral for them to know their father and hear my part of the story,” he said.

This comes as Kaggia previously accused Masanduku of abandoning their children, leaving her depressed for up to four months.

On his part, Masanduku claimed that Kaggia has prevented him from seeing their two children even though he continues to support them.

Reacting to Masanduku’s plea, Tina Kaggia took to Instagram to state that she doesn’t have the time to respond.


and the courts will favor the kunguru if he goes there

Problem is she took him to court first…
A woman will accuse you of being drunkard, violent, cruel, sex pervert just to get much needed legal distance from you just for revenge.
You will be given access but few hours UNDER HEAVY SUPERVISION just to kill and break you emotionally.

No woman wants to see his baby daddy doing good. That’s a fact.

Hawa wanaume hulilia watoto hua wanaujunga sana. Get another woman zalisha na sahau na hi kunguru ya kwanza. Do you Know with just 1 shot (shoti moja) u can impregnate every woman on this earth?

how is this news ?

It’s a fucked up system… funny enough we are the majority in those positions that can influence/make fair laws for both genders but somehow we still getting fucked.we is the problem.

You obviously don’t have a child. If you bond with your child, it’s very difficult to be separated from them.
Saying that, Mimi Kenya mwanamke hawezi nikataza kuona mtoto wangu. Unless she has a death wish.
In a country where police don’t have CSI and emergency response…

Wacha ninyamaze.

How can you pay for child support na huoni watoto. If I cannot see them I cannot pay for them.

Ndio boy anafanya. Anataka hii kitu ikuwe public ndio akijitoa singo matha asikue na leverage. Inaitwa setting precedence.

Mbona mnazaanga na garbage women lakini?

@Ka-Buda u are wrong i am a father of 3 and i can tell as sure as the sun shines mamayao akileta nyoko nyoko i step off get another woman and sire kids with her and forget the others.

it is not that easy…and if it is then one has a problem

girl was a party animal…huyu cant be wifed…how jb missed this sijui…

For me it is.

She was also a singo matha… Idiots like JB can’t be helped

Si alikuaga single mother b4 JB came ama

Huyu masanduku huwa tu ghaseer, useless sissy bitch. Si he used to be nyoroshwad in public by Tina? Shida zingine ni za kujitakia.

alikuwa anaogopa tu DNA…the bro in law

Hardened kunguru…the tatoos say it all

Sunken cost fallacy is their usual undoing