Tīmū kwagīra

Just beaten a burukenge 5-0 on aggregate.
Onto the Carabao cup final kukutana na Newcastle United…
Timū nī njegaa fiu.

We should be able to dispatch the Magpies. Sabitzer atakuwa ameshika radar by 26th.

Manchester ükombeeee. Manchester centre of trophy. Mancity wabebe ligi,man u double fa na Carling cup.
Haters go hug a transformer. Tupeni mawe nimevaa hazmat suit.

That will be a very difficult game for United right after playing a difficult Barcelona team pale Europa league na sa hizo Newcastle watakuwa prepared & rested for a whole week prior to the game.
Fatigue and injury can fuck us bad



Your comment is likely to age badly. Sio kurahisi

Greenwood atakuwa ametoka jela.

:D:D:D:D:D:D Carling Cup ya plastic yenye ukishinda unapewe 10,000 kshs ndio desperados wanafurahia yet hawaja hata shinda hahahhahahahahahahah , how the might have fallen .

Tenhag the fool has been playing the same team from league, FA, Europa to carabao , zero rotation , thats a fool and fatigue and injuries will set in, example Eriksen was injured against a useless 2nd division Reading . sisemi Tenhag is a bad coach but hapo ame blunder and you will end up winning nothing plus injuries.

Manunited iliona any kikombe mwisho 7 years ago maumbwa ghassia takataka .

You predicted correctly though huyo ninja hatawai valia iyo jersey ya red tena

Atavaa that’s why United never terminated his contract.