TIMS NTSA System down

I’ve got a pal who needs to get her DL to the smart card one (I don’t know why she waited till now), but the TIMS system to capture biometrics has been down for nearly a week. I heard these days one has to prebook to visit huduma. Are there alternative options to register?

Explain to me why i should upgrade my DL to the smart one and pay 3,000/- every 3 years, versus 1,800 every three years, at the comfort of my home, using my phone/comp and get a print out instantly?

Explain to me, which website do you renew this

eCitizen. 600 per annum.

Its actully 650 = 1950/= . But i get you Sir.


Why would a sane person upgrade to the smart dl that is too complicated and problematic when you can still maintain the old generation dl and have piece of mind.

When is ntsa or Tims ever functional?

We’re the old generation DL phased out, or I can still use it…?

Story ya Smart DL sare ka hutaki pressure…venye amelipa ivyo na haijaleta option ya finger prints siwezi shtuka ka system itambill tena(hakuna refund uko) for the same process. NTSA should just be disbanded and start afresh

Bado tnafanya renewal pale Ecitizen but for 1yr

Is the old generation renewable currently?

You can still use it. Una reew but for 1 year only. The 3 year option was removed to force people to go for the smart dl. Afadhali nikuwe nikirenew kila mwaka instead ya kusumbuana na smart dl.

Yes it is but for one year only. Afadhali nikuwe nikirenew every year instead ya kusumbuka na smart dl.

Sa hii they only issue smart dls sio, ama foldable ziko bado?

Only smart DLs