TIMS connection error

Help is needed here. I recently imported a vehicle and getting it registered has been a pain. I am trying to register with TIMS and every time i enter my ID serial number and try to verify it I get ‘connection error’ as the response. this means i can not proceed any further. anyone here who has had a similar experience? how did you go about it?

imekuwa na shida since last week, keep on checking

sawa. let me keep trying

Even here at my end, cant access it. It has errors

Enda NTSA offices upperhill

ama this is deliberate sabotage by NTSA to frustrate citizens? I hate having to visit these government offices

huko mtu hata haezi ingia

Jaribu usiku, you may have better luck

My nicka, just did a transfer last week, went there for pin reset.Enda hapo kuna customer care na counter number 2 utasaidika

Sasawa. I will go there for the registration plates. actually I have established where the problem was. apparently, if you have ever replaced your ID, the current ID serial number won’t pick. you have to use the serial number for the old ID.

Had the same issue once, but you use the serial number of the current ID not the old one