Times are hard..

Yesterday I decided to use public means on my way to some assignment in nakuru. I found myself in tsavo road looking for the Toyota wish plying nairobi Kericho or kisumu route. I found one that was almost leaving but peeping inside it had only 4 people including the driver. The driver told me they needed only one person then they leave and the only seat available was the last one on the left at the back ati due to covid19 they were carrying only 5 passengers ie two per row of seats. That’s how I found myself sitting alone with a kisii lady at the back. We chit chatted along the way and by the time we were approaching uthiru the gal was already offering to bj me in the car for 1k. I told her tushuke nax for some rendezvous though she had paid for Kericho. She gladly accepted and that’s how I ended up with a whole night of serious milking at only 2k. Effidence can be provided if required.

weka evidence

Kisii ladies have some funny scent which disturbs my mjulus hardening hormones, I will continue tombering wakamba tu ,no need for evidence kisii are easy to run down

90% pia have undergone FGM, which makes their pussies useless.

Evidence (ya bajaaj)

Tupee izo statistics za KNBS

Ukikula mama mboga unexpecti?


Buda, ile number ulinipea ya aunty yako wa soft moans haiendi through

leta mbicha ya uso nikuambie lojo anakanga


Don’t ask for more than this[ATTACH=full]329510[/ATTACH]

Noah ama wish??..


Hii si ni picha ya khocha @uwesmake

Leta number niende nikamtop up hio thao mbili.

:D:D This takes me way back.

There is a massage parlour in Ngara I used to frequent. Kulikuwa na dem Kisii whose pussy was tops. Kuna siku I decided to sample another tiny light skin. Mjulus ilikataa ku cooperate. Until that chic came into the room ku chukua kitu, must have been CDs or something. Immediately mjulus aka simama upon ‘seeing’ her.

Hiyo ndo sasa ni kufungiwa or something

the door wasn’t locked?

Paja ni ya mwanamke, mkono ni ya mwanaume