Time to pay a visit to the black ghettos of America.

@LuandaMagere @Ndindu hizi ndio zinaitwa thot beatdowns. They are very popular during the summer. Hope you enjoy. Later on the cops come by and shoot the bonobos. @Ndindu then starts wailing soon after he sees the shooting, sijui black lives matter.










I swear nimeona Kush ule monono


Francis @patco Waithera. You did a good job of leaving out white fights from that Reddit thread.

I thought you said Latinos are not whites in one of your compositions.

buttco is all about french kissing white ass… sa shimo ya matako imekuwa soo big that lazima atafute watu lower class to feel superior to… anasahau the only thing he owns ni free to adult diapers and hiv meds

i pity black women juu their respect iliisha kitambo , they are actually the lowest valued type of human after dogs (si mimi nilisema)…

To think that its mostly african cultures whereby women were respected and honored …black cultures allowed women to lead and even fight alongside men , you all know how other cultures treat women like cattle…

right now they are being conditioned to be independent and all that other cr*p …hawajui it’s all meant to break the family structure… thats why they will suffer forever and be hated… the irony is that all other races are copying the black woman’s blessings and mannerisms ( a good example is the kardashians )… i wish black women knew their value !


We ndiye aliangusha Rc Bowen.

Kwani ni robots? Hawana akili watumie?

You say that these women are NATURAL LEADERS then in the same statement you say they are being conditioned, can you please stop being confused!

Kwani wewe ni old monk?