Time to move from a bedshitter to a 1bedroom?

Eastlands especially komarok utapata a nice one bedroom for 10k.

That time I remember out of a compound of 12tenants tulibaki 5tenants by last June. It was a sad situation I tell you. [SIZE=1]It was a relief to see some of them go along with their “airs”[/SIZE]

Next Covid is 150 years away.

Peasant kama mimi hata bedshitter siwes afford. Mimi nakuona Sonko sana.

Don’t be too sure with biological warefare at play from the start of covid 19 expect another or some revenge.

RNA technology will neutralize viruses.

I’ll believe that when the research is done.

I agree with you 100%. Bedsitters are meant for student accommodation. I remember when kafogo was governor he had banned single rooms and bedsitters in new constructions and the minimum for approval was 1 bdrm. And all buildings were not to be built beacon to beacon but were to be sited 1.5m from the plot boundary like flats huko Germany, Denmark and elsewhere, coz that gives all rooms adequate lighting and ventilation. Kafogo alikuwa ameona mbali.

I once visited a friend huko eastlands and the bedsitter was so dark at 12 noon that one has to have lights on 24hrs. The place was also so damp I couldn’t breath.


Inategemea na mapato yako.

Sisi watu wa reserve hatunanga hizi mashida ndogo ndogo …

Nikiwa Uni majuu niliishi for a long time na roomates. Sijaona hiyo style Kenya sana where you lease a big house kitu kama 4 bedroom alafu you split rent and utilities. It was much cheaper than renting a ‘bed shitter’ or a one bedroom.

My fren. In Boston I lived in a dingy basement ya mtu. No aircon no proper windows. Nikasema nefa efa. Dropped two classes upped my hustle and moved out

Kayole pia. Dark, dump and the awful smell of kerosene. Harufu ya umaskini

Raha nikujipa, ishia vile utakavyo kelele za chura sare

Bedsit or bed sitters as vumbistans call them,zimejaa UK ka upuss,in japan wako hadi na pods that fit just the bed. Ukiingia jozi utaona bed sitters zetu zikiwa afadhali,champara is a whole different ballgame. Pale abdul wako na studio apartments going fir cheap. The only thing different ni mpangilo,hizi za huku ni death traps. Tembea kiasi

Time ya covid revealed who was swimming naked. Watu wote wa paycheck to paycheck walihama. They tapped out because of a few bad months. Hiyo time I learned that most people in the city live paycheck to paycheck.

I saw a documentary juzi ya Hong Kong. Huko China kuna cage homes banae which make bedsitters feel like mansions.

Kwa bedsitter unaficha wapi kondule ndio dem akikuja utoe surreptitiously?

Kuna mkamba nilikuwa nakula maeneo ya Umoja. Every time nilikuwa naendea slices nilikuwa natoka huko Na nose blockage ingine wazimu. The house walls were ever dump and mouldy Na giza kuruka but mimi nani? Lazima chuma ingelala ndani from time to time. Kikuyu landlords are an anathema to Kenyans.