Time to move from a bedshitter to a 1bedroom?

Ma youth, at what point did you realize that you were ready to exit a bedshitter for a 1bedroom house?

How much were you earning at the time?

Ideally, what percentage of your salary should one spend in rent & other house utilities i.e. net, stima, maji?

Of late hii space imeanza kua ndogo…

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You should at least earn 500,000 a month before you flex like that.


Tunajua kuna kunguru anakuharakisha

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Not really. I had pegged it on my age. However, things have been progressively getting better at work. Ergo, i’m ready to move- which is much earlier than I had envisioned.

Is this a sad attempt at being funny?


Used to stay at a bedsitter in uni…nikarudi home after uni…a couple of months na kusumbuana na mzazi nikatoka…rent was 14k…I wasn’t earning a salo but I had a deal that would bring 140k in 2 to 3 months and had kitu 100k in savings. Nikakaa 1 year then moved to a 2b where the other room was an office at really low rent.
Maneno ya percentage it depends. If huna relatives in Nairobi at all and you need to stay cause of a job ata 50% inaeleweka. If you’re working class but still struggling jaribu 30%. But ideally naweza sema rent should be less than 10% because pesa yako should be working towards other things si kutajirisha landlord. Inafaa kuwa that thing you can pay with no worries but it takes time kufika hapo.

Bedsitter hujengwa kenya peke yake, country zengine za Africa hakuna io upuzi. Mtu hafai kuishi kwa bedsitter zaidi ya mwaka moja, otherwise mwili na akili zitapata madhara long-term.
Mwanafunzi tu ndiye afaa aishi kwa bedsitter,

Bedsitter ndio studio apartment baba ziko hadi New York Cirry

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very different from zile vitu mnajenga kenya

Use the 50 30 20 rule. 50% of your expenses should be your needs (rent, utilities, food, ect), 30% on wants (dining out, clubbing, hobbies), and 20% on savings/ investments. Once you calculate the needs, you will know how much is allocated to the other percentages and then the total amount of income you should be earning.

nilikaa bedsitter one month nikasema this life aint for me… nikaenda apartments nikawashow sina pesa za kuingia but i will pay soon… and i moved in to that apartment nikaanza kiutwa sonko wa mtaa… faith moves mountains

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Studios in New York have toilets and a kitchen inside the unit.

You moved into an apartment without paying rent. Wacha kutubeba.

I did but paid a week later… They didn’t question me…Ni God

Ideally, and this is just me, ishi mahali unajua kulipa rent haitakua inakupea stress. Name mahali unajua shit ikitwanga fan, unaeza lipa rent 6months to a year bila worries. Don’t upgrade to simply fit in with peers ama kufurahisha mtu.


Usipigwe pressure move at your own pace ikiwa jamaa wanatoka huku wameishi maisonettes na 3 bdrms na wakakimbia majuu for ‘greener pastures’ wanaanzia life huko na room share ama bedsitters as high as 700usd plus. Hama ukiwa umejihami fiti hakuna branding umewekwa ati unaishi bedsitter,singe room/1 bdrm.
Ona vile msee anakula doh poa kwa mansion yake na kuna mse atarent hiyo bedroom for 750usd na anapikia hapo ndani tu kwa bedroom.


Time covit ilitutwanga ‘mambirrionea’ wengi walikuwa wanahama their expensive mansions wanatafuta manyumba quarter/half their rents.

Btw usipewe hapa pressure. Most good memories of my life happened in a shitty bedsitter. The only that will determine when you’re ready to move is how you view your finances.

This is true I’d rather live in a not so prestigious neighborhood where I can pay rent for a full year without working rather than kuishi leafy suburbs where kila mwezi nasumbuana na landlord.

Focus on the total area available, tafuta tape measure. Some bedsitters are larger than 1 bedrooms, some 1 bedrooms are larger than 2 bedrooms, etc…

Especially some kenyan landlords will want to squeeze out an extra room for more rent. Tiny kitchens and toilets. I once encountered one who tried presenting the dining room as an extra bedroom.

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