Time to Hit Back On The Chinese Here In Kenya. Sick & Tired of Slit Eyed Scambags

These mofos are more are way racicsts than Nazi era Germans. The way they are treating Africans in China is beyond inhuman. Its time we become racists just like the others liwe liwalo.

Not with Uhuru in charge.We made our bed,jifunike na ulale for the next 2yrs

If I had a gun with two bullets in the same room with that drunkard, Hitler and Bin Laden, I would shoot the drunkard twice in the head.

Wacha hasira boss utalose confidence.

Nyinyi wote mlikuwa TEAM CHINA hata wewe ndindu, wacha kujifanya ati umebadilisha stand.

Everyone here on this website called ktalk has a soft spot for China. And Russia.

None of you wants to believe anything bad can be done by those two countries so STOP CHANGING YOUR STAND TODAY!!

Na sio ati hamjui of how China has been kicking African immigrants out of Guangzhuo.

Stop pretending today that you hate China and yet all along, all of you here on ktalk have loved China with your whole hearts, souls and minds. And any opposing view was met with extreme aggression. :D:D


Ask the Ethiopians and Sudanese immigrants how they are treated on the streets of Moscow.

Heri wazungu, Americans. The civil rights movement really helped to straighten them out. Even though some still have bitterness against blacks the law prevents them from being outrightly racist. In true Chinese fashion of copy-pasting everything that whites do (did), perhaps they feel ‘incomplete’ for not having anti-black prejudice on their record.

Homo_Scarlet lockdown unapokea mikwaju

The Chinese generally are very racist but they pretend they are not. This also includes Koreans ,Japanese and other mongoloids.

(Granted all human races suffer from some degree of the racism virus as well as tribalism rooted mainly in ignorance.)

These guys have no qualms at all when it comes to setting up their China Towns or Korean Towns in other countries but they don’t want anyone else to settle back in their home countries of China, Korea or Japan.

Woe to you if you date a local Chinese girl. In Guangzhuo province there is a sizeable town called Little Africa. It’s full of Malians, Congolese , Nigerians, Tanzanians, Kenyans, Senegalese etc. Over 25,000 Africans including students.

Wikileaks pounced on several research reports funded local village leaders who were very disappointed with the emergence of Little Africa. These officials were begging the central govt. to send these niggers home :
Cable: 08GUANGZHOU307_a

Ati wanaleta drugs and prostitution. Na ni maongo.

The central govt. responded by pushing the negroes out by mistreating them, denying them paperwork just generally making life miserable, warudi kwao. Starting around 2010:


The question is what if African govts started kicking out the Chinese villages and communes littered all over Africa nowadays would we hear the end of it?

What if the U.S shut down all the China Towns across the U.S would we hear the end of it?

Nani huyo?

I think the Chinese stopped caring what the world thinks of them. Whether it’s wazungu, fellow Asians, Arabs and least of all, Africans. I see kenyans are castigating Sarah Serem, but what about the Chinese ambassador to Kenya? Shouldn’t he at least try to mitigate the blow-back given that his country mates could suffer the same? He’s been quiet all along because he knows Africans are powerless. It must be the worst feeling in the world: knowing what needs to be done but lacking the wherewithal to execute it.

Don’t give it too much thought. Imagination and visualization and planning and execution.

These are all things children are rarely able to do.

When you beat a child, they get angry for a moment and then they move on.

It is the same with most Africans: juzi tu online Kenyans made a big deal about some Chinku nobody calling Uhuru a monkey. The dude was deported hadithi ikaishia hapo.

How come that incident didn’t start a debate regarding all Chinkus in Kenya?

Deni zilimezwa and Kenyans made a fuss but did that lead them to question the procedures regarding the government taking debt?

Somalis are out here buying Kenyan papers and smuggling goods in via Kismayu. After kidogo noise was made about those problems, did Kenyans bother to discuss the possible long term solutions to the issue?

No because Kenyans are children mentally.

What is Kenya’s position in the world? Is it good for us? How can we improve it?

These are not questions for children.

which is why I laugh when people ask why there’s never been a revolution in Kenya. How would children even know where to start? Or what they want in the end?

Rant over

Me I don’t do China bwana. Wacha kuwekelea kila mtu, mention names

When some woman/man is being gang RAPED, one can imagin the absolutely degrading horror the victim feels when one rapist is done and another one is coming on top.

It is that kind of degrading horror we are going to have to live with, and take it quitely bila kusumbua.

In short tumekua tukidinywa na the west, sasa itabidi tuzoe mjulus ya mchina

[COLOR=rgb(84, 172, 210)]Lipeni ushuru mjitegemee he said.
Deni ya China italipwa either way, Google their military strength