Time to go slow

Uhuru better pray and use all means to ensure thaf Ruto doesn’t get that seat because if he gets… The kind of revenge that will be executed against him will be too bad. I forsee brookside collapsing and kcc taking over if that does happen. If i was Uhuru i will not be biting the hands that fed me. Better retire silently without much drama like kibaki

shida ya Ruto is that Brookside and KCC will both collapse,

unaongea kama Sudi.

Eeeeish. We don’t like hard truths kwetu Ichaweri. We have Presidentess Mama dearest and all her thieving family and friends to protect. Oki?
What does worry a section of Kyuks is that WSR might extend his kiboko to innocent Kikuyu hardworking citizens…just seyyin’ …which is why their is a chance that Kimush will gerrit. Oh boy!

Kiprono leta lyrics ya ile wimbo ya jepchumba yamune darling, yamune switi.

burudikaga na hii classic kitambo alete hiyo special request yako…

Mi naomba kibao kimoja ya Kalenjin Sisters plis.

Mwarimu hii sio Emily chepchumba kwanza natafu ile iliimbwa na wazungu.

You may be surprised. There are no permanent enemies in politics. Recently, Uhuru used to call RAO names like “kimundu muguruki” and other unprintables. Nowadays he refers to him as “brother.” Smh! Not forgetting Millie Odhiambo saying “Uhuru ni mtoto wa mbwa.” Ati nowadays these two are buddies aka they have the same political goals. Raia ndio hucatch feelings and sometimes even become permanent enemies because they’re too stupid to realize that politicians are selfish, pathological liars. They can do anything for power. 2022 unawezasikia Ruto has made Raila his running mate. Nothing should surprise you anymore!!

Revenging would not help DP Uncle Ruto but changes is paramount and it will be massive.

However why are you upset. I’m delighted with the current events. Central lacked a indigenous local leader to replace President Uhuru. So far DP Uncle Ruto hold in central is absolute, its actually his stronghold. Moses Kuria come up next in popularity rating for fight for wanjiku. Divisive to rally around but his intellectual outbursts are thought provoking and his actions have well meaning. He could make a great opposition leader. The problem for President Uhuru in the last few days is he has inadvertently arisen a new “MATIBA” from Muranga called Ndindi Nyoro. The community interests and favour had shifted permanently from President Uhuru and this young leader Ndindi Nyoro can carry that favour with his current persecution. Asante sana, this misadventures make things much easier and certain than I thought. I’m sure others will now want to be arrested as well and build themselves upwards.




did you just compare Matiba to Ndindi Nyoro, what do you take us for???
Without Raila to insult, we would never know who Ndindi Nyoro is, he would just be another MP from Mt Kenya


Sometimes I don’t like to comment.

Uhuru is a ggood President

Talk if revenge will surely lose ruto votes.
Are you sure you’re not playing for the other side???


Tutanyonya brookside hadi ikauke

Mwanaume anaogopa cell sio ligi ya Mzee Matiba

Again his background story is that he used to sell sweets, how many mofo’s do you personally know who got rich by selling sweets or poultry?

If your background story is sketchy, high chances you are.

Ati Matiba?
Your weed is worse than mine.