Time & Space Have No Beginning Nor End

Space and time existed even before the purported Big Bang. These two entities are endless.


Yes, very true, and that everything is happening now, there is nothing like tomorrow or yesterday or the next day. Everything is now. Yet the 'Devil" have made humans to believe in today being different from tomorrow and yesterday.

It’s definitely impossible to understand the two. I think that they maybe interlinked.

The universe is huge my friend. It is beyond comprehension. It’s numbers are beyond what our number systems can accommodate.

Billions raised to the Power of infinity

Sawasawa Rick

So in the grand scheme of things, this thread is a waste of time and space?

In physics some entities go hand in hand.

Matter and Energy are Brothers just like time and space, Electricity and Magnetism.

Wjo exactly is the devil?

Yes. Even the fastest Supercomputer would take centuries just count the stars in a small portion of the universe.

Ata pia mimi sijui devil ni nani. I landed on this planet and ever since I have been told the devil deceives human beings and that the devil is very nasty. Hvave you ever meet one?

How is it a waste of space when space itself doesn’t end. Trillions of this thread raised to power of another trilliona still couldn’t fill space.

Nope. It happens that I haven’t been looking for him, got no business with him so I wouldn’t meet him. Either way I met some of his children. @chap the eldest.

Yeah, the way they describe him, I would also not like to meet him, I hear he is very lethal. But then they say the devil is like us could it be you?

@Ndindu meza dawa mapanya zitulie.

They say the sensation of time is an illusion. That it stops when something moves at the speed of light or at the speed of ether. One may try to meditate ether down and it may emerge as “roho” in one language or “veva” in another. It may appear to one to be emerging from a root which is not perceptible, one he cannot apprehend. They say; “that we can see light complicates things for us a lot because it creates a very distracting noise.” And true to that fact, the function of meditation takes place better in the absence of light.

Any point seems to be an origin from which ether comes out and moves out in all directions. They say anything not moving along with the expansion experiences the “wind” of the flow of ether and “decays”. We refer to that as time. But it is not there, it is a subjective assessment of our flawed perception. But relative to ether, we are almost stationary. That is the “falling” that many religions refer to. Matter, or physical existence, is as far as something can get from the other side. In that state, the perception of time emerges.

Well, if you see the devil in me, rest assured I see the same in you. So I was wondering, you think this devil has the ability to wander to other universes and punish others there, or his domain is earth??

Wait until the James Webb telescope is launched. We could by some chance see the big bang happening

Is it that powerful? Do we have any chance of seeing the black hole??

Suppose that this thread exists in a particular point in space, and visiting that point is a waste of time. Then any successive visits to that point are meaningless and the point only exists as a derailment to any being that experiences time in a linear manner.

you cannot have endless according to human logic. thats an assumption