Time For Magufuli Satire Yet?...

The United States and the United Kingdom have expressed concern over elections in Tanzania where strongman President John Magufuli’s party won 99 percent of seats, saying the vote lacked credibility. The long-ruling CCM party ran almost entirely unopposed in local government polls held on November 24. The opposition boycotted the vote, citing violence and intimidation that rights groups say have become a hallmark of Magufuli’s leadership. His party clinched most of the 16,000 seats for street and village leaders - influential posts essential for grassroots campaigning ahead of next year’s presidential election, in which Magufuli is expected to run again.

Chadema, the main opposition party, refused to take part, saying its candidates were fearful or disqualified from running by stringent rules used to block them. The party says its members have been kidnapped and beaten, and at least one has blamed authorities for an attack in 2017 in which he was shot multiple times. Five other smaller parties also joined the boycott.

Washington and London said Tanzania’s refusal to provide accreditation to respected election monitors ahead of the polls eroded confidence in the outcome.

“This troubling development calls into question the credibility of the election process and results,” the US embassy in Tanzania said in a statement.
The British high commissioner to Tanzania, Sarah Cooke, said in a statement that the “coordinated” disqualification of opposition candidates contributed towards the voters being denied their right to choose their own leaders freely and fairly.


“This Man Magufuli Is Ruining Our Livelihood”, cries Ugandans… https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/t4c/1/16/1f642.png


[I]Ever since their president, Dr John Pombe Magufuli, 55, was elected into office on October 25, 2015, Tanzanians have turned our lives into hell.

A day hardly passes before you read snippets on social media and in newspapers about yet another ‘strange’ and provocative act by this new enigmatic president in our neighborhood.

First, we heard that he made a surprise visit to Muhimbili national hospital to check on the state of service delivery there. We hear shoulders moved because he was displeased with what he saw, and that, since then, things are changing in that hospital. Yes dear Tanzanians, good for you, but don’t throw it in our faces.

Do you know how it feels for us to hear of such impossible things to be happening in a neighboring country? You could have saved us from Idi Amin, but that didn’t give you the right to keep giving us a feeling that things are wrong here. Keep your fairytales to yourselves, please.

That our president has never made such surprise visits to our Mulago national referral hospital does not mean he does not care about us and our health. It is because you can afford to lose your president that you would allow him to do such risky things. Do you know how unsafe such hospitals are? Would our president’s security detail fit in those wards?

If you had ever been to Mulago, you would know that the floors are also occupied; our dear liberator would have nowhere to step. And what if those old shaky beds and drip stands collapsed and injured him? Where else would we get another good president?

Besides, you should know that we are okay and not complaining. Do not make us feel like our own leaders do not care. It is true that many of them, and a few of us, come to your countries for treatment. I think you are misreading this otherwise good gesture. We only come there in a spirit of good neighborliness and pan-Africanism, not that we lack proper medical care here.

It is in the same spirit and in promotion of inter-state relations that once in a while we may send our daughters to give birth from Germany. Simple knowledge of diplomacy that escapes you!

We also hear that, in a bid to boost government coffers, your president passed a ban on public servants’ foreign travels. He ordered that all tasks that necessitated government officials to travel abroad would now be done by the country’s high commissioners and ambassadors abroad. I laughed hard on this one! Does this president care for his public servants? How could a patriotic leader do that?

Here our economy is doing very well; so, we don’t need lessons on spending. Our fleet of ministers, MPs, and other officials are free to travel to attend all sorts of meetings. Whether the country benefits in proportion to the expenses on their travels is not your business. Uganda is not Tanzania. Do you know our history?

Do you know how we suffered in the past? So, if you see our leaders moving in convoys of huge cars with a heavy security detail, do not start making silly comparisons with your country.

Considering what the stories from Tanzania make Ugandans feel, don’t you realize that our good leaders need tight security? The actions of your president are harmful propaganda for us.

Your president is not the first to call for modesty in public expenditure. We also had a president with such a sense of humor between 1986 and 1996. He wondered why African leaders would ride in expensive cars and import beds from abroad while there were cheaper options. We miss him ever since he was kidnapped by power.

Nevertheless, our current president has been so good to you. As Uganda president, he has attended three presidential handover ceremonies in your country. From Ali Hassan Mwinyi to Benjamin Mkapa, Mkapa to Jakaya Kikwete, and recently from Kikwete to Magufuli.

What more love do you need? Do you imagine how painful it is to witness things you do not believe in? And all you do to pay us back for this love is to elect a president that makes changes in Tanzania which will incite hatred for leaders in Uganda and cause demand for a change!

You know that it is election time in Uganda; how could you do this to us at such a moment!
When we get our own Magufuli, we shall ‘revenge’.[/I]

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The writer works with the Center for African Studies, Uganda Martyrs University – Nkozi.

Meeting ya Chato Milimani ilikua attended na President’s wote wa East Afrika. Wakahafikiana hakuna kuondoka mamlakani ije mvua ije jua. Na kama kuna msaada wowote utahitajika wa kijeshi ama propaganda watapeana.
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