Time for Kenya to join the BRICS bandwagon

The 5 BRICS Members have a combined total POPULATION of 3.21 Billion, which is 41% of the Global Population

Combined, their total AREA is 39.7 Million Sq.KMs which is approximately 27% of the World’s Land Area

Their combined NOMINAL GDP is estimated as 26.6 Trillion USD, equivalent to 26% of the global nominal GDP

They have a combined GDP (PPP) of roughly 52 Trillion USD, which is 32% of the global estimated

The Current BRICS Members are Brazil :brazil:, China :cn:, India :india:, Russia :ru: and South Africa :south_africa:

Nearly 12 Countries have expressed their interest in joining the BRICS, including Nigeria :nigeria:, Egypt :egypt:, Saudi Arabia :saudi_arabia:, Mexico :mexico:, Argentina :argentina: among others

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