Time Bomb

Being a Kenyan is an extreme sport. Those trying to earn an honest living are severely punished while fake gold dealers show us how untouchable they are huko instagram. Mungiki is re-emerging and the government has adopted a knee jerk reaction to the problem. Bodabodas are ruthlessly being dealt with. These guys have chairmen,WhatsApp groups and all, and can regroup to become something else. Well there are problems everywhere in the world,but I don’t know who deals with problems like we do. Nangoja 6 ifike niende deal(very clean :D) flani tao nikimeza ka whiskey.Btw have you noticed how hapa Kenya to stay ahead we talk of deals,not earning[MEDIA=twitter]1177574082466000896[/MEDIA]?

alarmists kila corner.

Hunting boda boda like animals?

That’s an oxymoron…

Boda boda gangs pose security risk, study shows - The Standard

most of the boda’s used in crime are registered PSV’s…I know because I know. So you have a sacco loan that has a daily target,you’ve been chased from your shimo. What do you do? Go to places like James Gichuru at night as the police in Muthangari snooze thinking theirs is the best neighborhood, and rob people a good one. Criminal minds usually just get better

Guks unajua oxymoron ni nini kweli ama niku ropokwa?

bodaboda goons are repsonsible for 100% of robberies and hooliganism in this country …hi yako ni prokopanda tu


just trust me

I love how bus drivers run nduthis off the road at night, kwanza on your way to Malaba unapata oncoming trailer na mbele ni jamaa wa Nduthi hajavaa reflector jacket anaendesha kwa barabara, bus hu-nyus Nduthi hapo nyuma jamaa anarushwa huko nje kwa manyasi aendange akipasuka kichwa na huko, potelea mbali.

Hawa makhasia wa nduthi wanafaa wakamuliwe bila lube. Juzi mmoja ameua light yangu ya mbathi alaf wakaniletea kesi. Kumamazao

Wachana na watu wa gold wapumue bana our targets are not local small cheda but international dalas

Kuna boy alikua anatoka Dunda Moi Avenue. Akapanda nduthi, later alichunishwa kales non stop. So siwes hurumia nduthi guys