Tilting and shaking PSV while fuelling

Why do PSV tilt vehicles while fuelling? They even invented a platform to tilt the car to one side.

In addition, they shake the car. Is there any proven significance to this bullshit?

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Colloquially speaking, wanataka kumwaga hadi kwa bone marrow.


to fill up all corners of the fuel tank. and yes, it works

explain hii tafasali

Sketch ni muhimu. Does this fuel tank have pockets that fuel does not get into when filling normally? Consider that fuel is a fluid, heavier than air therefore will displace it, and subject to the laws of gravity


try it guys, even with a jerrycan. you can tilt it to get water etc to the furthest top corner.
they fill it in such way that after closing the fuel cap, opening it will cause the fuel to run out.


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Simple translation;
[li]Chukua mtungi/ tafuta /iba /nunua depending on where you come from.[/li][li]Weka chini.[/li][li]Chukua mfereji jaza maji ndani.[/li][li]Funika mtungi beba enda nyumbani[/li][li]Ama inamisha mtungi endelea kujaza maji kisha ikijaa tena funika.[/li][/ol]
You will realize ya pili imejaa na haipigi kelele kama ya kwanza.
Endelea You can see where I am going with this…

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I had though of that lakini angalia hii mtungi vizuri.


Iko na space to the sides that are higher than the inlet therefor meaning more space for fluid when tilted, lakini ukirudisha level na haujafunika, si maji yote kwa hiyo space hutoka nje? Contrast na tank ya gari…



Ndio hiyo sketch ya fuel tank ya gari where the topmost level of the tank is at a lower height level than the inlet of the tank. Ukijaza hadi kwa inlet, na the tank’s capacity ni ile ile, how will tilting it take more fuel than when it is level?

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There’s logic in tilting but shaking doesn’t make sense

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How many more liters? Ones of liters? Tens of liters?

Shaking reduces bubbles (trapped air) in the fuel tank which makes the dispensing nozzle to cut fuel going through it particularly diesel and also to free more space for more fuel.

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you can fill the notches and irregular spaces by shaking and tilting

Vile umeambiwa kwa bone marrow. Hiyo gari itakaa full tank hadi ushangae.
Mafuta inajaa past tank inaingia hadi kwa injectors.


When doing full tank in dmax when empty can take between 55-60 ltrs. When I shake it it can take 65-68 litres. Tilting and shaking is more practicle with diesel due to foaming under high pressure from the dispenser.

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But why go all that trouble unless of course you are driving out of town to remote areas with no fuelling stations. For all I know most matatus that do it operate in town service route. So, what’s all that trouble for?

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I’m not an expert but I think the shaking can spoil the fuel gauge. Wapi experts wa hii maneno watuambie?

…najua tu driving at E spoils the gauge

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Time lost every fuelling time


Hiyo extra 5 to 10 ltrs inaweza fanya mathree ikose target ikifuel na saa hiyo ni rush hour.

Same principle the Doctor uses to remove the air inside the injections…He just gives gentle taps…We Shake em…haha!!