Niaje wadau.Nimeingia tik tok.But sipati zile ma short videos za madem petite wenye wanzungusha kiuno kama wamevaa waist beads.Mse hu navigate aje ndio afike hapo?

Stick around for a while;
Might as well navigate the search tool for petite whining
And pretty soon enough your timeline will be flooded with such

Kuna wengi sana huko wako live and desperate for gifts.
Enda huko it’ can be your new hunting ground.

The app zeroes in on the videos you pay more attention to maybe by watching to the end alafu that is what they’ll assign you most of the time. Mimi nimeekelewa stuff ya engineering apart from political stuff za Kenya na africa at large.

Asante sana mkuu,kuna mali safi saidi ya kisomali hapo laivu Screenshot_20230328-100059_TikTok.jpg

hehe huyo ni @Kennedy Maina anasema how is Ranmadhan akidhani atapewa

Xvideos has better videos

Hi tiktok live nikama iko na follow trains kama za twitter.Dem anaongea nikama ako auction ati follow the first ten people who follow Diana then click on the gift and share the flower follow the first 20 people who follow Stephanie Stephanie ni beste yangu blah blah blah.Ni auction ya follow trains tutafwata ama tutatingishiwa kiuno iko na waist beads.

A man of culture. Mzito Jimit nimeweka tech, some cartoon and most times the chaos happening at the west. I like it because I understand others get bombarded by Western stuff, except from the perspective of leftists.

There are quite decent lives that discusses your choice of content

So you search for engineering videos ama

Sasa jatelo unataka kuni diktetia what I should be watching ni kama una diktetia bibi yako akusetie doggie kwa bedroom yako aje???

Omera bed mos. Atemo koni ni videos go mag follow train wachana nasoo. Tafuta singine

Omera an wendo iye ka.pod atimo exploreson.

while creating an account, you are given an option of ticking on the topics that you favor most. They’ll then tailor your scrolling experience to the options you chose. What you also frequently search for can appear more often than not. I once searched for videos on the war in Bakhmut and the idiots flooded them kabisa mpaka I logged out of tiktok for some time.


Nashuwezo joined:D


Why is everyone on tiktok live obsessed with likes?Someone goes live and the first thing they say is thank you for joining kindly screen screen tap tap then someone can get even 500 lokes from one viewer.Do they get paid or something?